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CrossFit ProfectusThe wonderful state of Colorado is known for many things like innovations in green technology, superior education, a high quality of life and gorgeous landscapes. But one of the things we as residents are probably most proud of is having one of the fittest and most health focused populations in the nation! All of these wonderful attributes, regardless if we are talking about preserving Mother Nature or improving our physical health, are achieved through the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of everyday people.

Having the super cool job of being a lifestyle blogger, I am always looking for ways to explore popular physical fitness opportunities in our area. For this reason, I was totally stoked when I was asked to write a blog about a new CrossFit

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The end of summer has arrived once again, which means kids and parents all over the nation are gearing up for some major back to school action in the upcoming weeks. In fact, the Boulder Valley School District will have their first days this coming Thursday, August 22nd for grades 1st-5th and Friday, August 23rd for 6th-12th graders. The district is very excited for the start of this new school year because it is the first year they will be implementing their new mission and vision as a district. After putting together findings from an 8 month long evaluation, which considered the opinions of 112 Boulder county community members, students, teachers, and board members over a two day session, the Boulder Valley School District has rewritten their values in

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Pro Cycling Challenge Colorado 2013

Cycling is not just a sport in Colorado; it is a lifestyle! In fact, there is probably no other state in the nation known more for cycling than us, and with good reason. With our beautiful weather and variety of landscapes, Colorado offers the perfect atmosphere and terrain for both easy everyday riding, and world class races like the USA Pro Challenge.

This Monday, the first stage of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge began in Aspen, Colorado bringing out hundreds of thousands of spectators and cycling enthusiasts. Usually known as winter destinations, the small towns of Aspen and Snowmass came alive with excitement as 128 of the world’s most elite cycling professionals from 31 countries mounted their bikes ready to traverse what officials consider a short,

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High-Tech Boulder ColoradoConsidering Boulder is a place where new generations of hippies are continually reborn and where "all natural" is not just a coined phrase but a way of life, some people may find it surprising that the city of Boulder recently received recognition for being the number one place for technology startup companies in the US.

This news comes via a report that was released earlier this week and conducted by the "technology policy coalition Engine and the Kansas City, Missouri-based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation."  The study used information provided by the Business Dynamics Statistics series, which is managed by the Census Bureau and has been tracking annual new business growth throughout the US since 1976.

According to this study, the city of Boulder

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Every runner, whether they are a novice or a pro, knows the pain of a bad pair of running shoes. Heck, even people who don’t run at all or are not athletic, can sympathize with blisters on their feet! This is because our feet carry the brunt of our weight and not every shoe is made for the same foot, or to traverse the same types of landscapes or obstacles for that matter. When you stop to consider all the money people spend on athletic equipment and gym memberships, you have to wonder why everyone doesn’t focus more on the part of their body which is actually powering the majority of their workouts, their feet! I don’t know about you, but I blow through an average pair of sneakers about every 6 months, only to find that each time I get a new pair, my

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Boulder County Real EstateLenders are fickle beings. They control the keys to the vault. When someone wants to get in (a borrower) they ask for everything but the person’s blood type for identification. In the good old days (around 2005) having a pulse was the only prerequisite to getting a loan. Times have changed, but so have mortgage interest rates.

Back in late 2005, when the real estate market started its free-fall, the traditional thirty-year fixed rate loan could be had for 5.89%. Between now and then the rate dropped to a low of 3.31% (November/2012). Today it resides at 4.40%.  

The average price of a single family home across the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado was $297,364 in 2005. Through June/2013 the average price this year is $317,587. Average price for

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We recently enjoyed a delightful evening dining with friends at the Gold Hill Inn in the tiny historic mountain town of Gold Hill, just up Sunshine Canyon from Boulder. Part of the charm of going to the Gold Hill Inn is the adventurous and picturesque twenty minute drive from Boulder, alive with natural beauty, amazing mountain and city views, and wildlife (we saw a bear on the drive up!). When you finally drop into the funky old-fashioned mining town of Gold Hill you feel like you are entering a fascinating by-gone era.

Originally settled in the late 1800's and early 1900's by miners, Gold Hill, with a population of about 230 today, has maintained it's small town flavor. Residents here appreciate the tight-knit community, the crisp mountain air, and

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In a little over a month, the Longmont Humane Society will be hosting their annual "Strut Your Mutt" event at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. New to the event this year is the 5k pet optional run/walk! They are expecting over 500 people of all ages and their pets to attend this event which promises to be a great time. “Strut Your Mutt” will feature a variety of pet related booths, products, pet demonstrations, pet contests, refreshments and more! As always, all the money collected from this event will go directly to caring for and animals in need. Even if you do not live in Longmont, this event is a great way for animal-lovers of all kinds to give back to one of the biggest animal shelters in the Front Range area. Totally a family friendly event, children

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There was a great turnout for the 3rd annual RE/MAX Alliance Recycle-a-thon yesterday! People throughout Boulder County brought in their old electronics and got their recycle on. We saw everything from old printers, laptops, desktops, ginormous old school TVs, phones, stereo equipment, a toaster oven and even some vintage computer parts from the early 1980's. 

This event provides a great opportunity to clean out your business, office, basement, or garage and get rid bulky, non-functioning, or outdated electronics. The actual drop-off is super easy and electronics are responsibly taken care of. Just drive up and a smiling team unloads your items and sorts them accordingly.


Genesis Electronics Recycling partnered the event and represented with a

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Boulder County Fair and RodeoIf you have not been to the Boulder County Fair yet this year, you have no idea what you are missing! I took my son, and I have to say it was totally our first rodeo and we loved it! The little kid in me was right there with him cheering on the cowboys, riding nauseating rides, eating bacon flavored cotton candy, and just enjoying everything that is beautiful about living in Boulder County! The fair was super impressive, fun for all ages, and oh yeah, FREE!  Even still, be sure to bring some cash if you go, because most of the vendors do not take credit cards! You can get your rodeo tickets ahead of time online or buy them at the box office, either way I would plan to get there early so you can steakout good seats on the bleachers! You can always re-enter

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