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When you visit Boulder you are sure to notice that the locals love to eat. How will you know? There are restaurant choices everywhere, and being hungry is one thing, but hungry and confused is just no fun. We have taken away some of the confusion and narrowed it down to our top seven local favorites you don’t want to miss. 


Falafel King at 1919 14th Street- This place may look small, but don’t let its size fool you. This place is bursting with fresh flavor. As soon as you walk in you will be greeted with a falafel ball, and once you try one of these Mediterranean appetizers you’ll be hooked. Be sure to try a Gyro (impress them and say it right: It’s pronounced “ye-row”). The grilled beef and lamb with tzatziki sauce is wrapped in a pita, perfect

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Ahhhhh, we love Spring Break - It's such a nice retreat from reality and an opportunity for some much needed R & R.  Especially when you have the opportunity to travel to someplace special and classic like Yelapa, Mexico.   

The Smith family just returned from a week long adventure to Yelapa. Yelapa is a small ocean side village located in a cove approximately 45 minutes south of bustling Puerto Vallarta, and is accessible only by boat.  Well actually, you can get there by car part way, but then you would need to bushwhack through the jungle, then hop on an ATV or a mule while riding on very rough roads much of the way, not such a good idea.  Speaking of cars, there are no noisy, polluting, icky cars in Yelapa - none, nada, nice.  Yelapa is not a

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Ever since its start in 1859, as a slow growing town born of necessity (, Boulder Colorado has been ever evolving. Are you feeling a little behind on the history of this great town? Want to be filled with more facts on this gorgeous city? Maybe you just need some ideas on how to get your weekend off to a great start. No matter what your fancy we’ve found the right book for you.

Check out our picks of the best books on Boulder and get reading!

Ghosts of Boulder By: Ann Alexander Leggett, Jordan Alexander Leggett, and Wendy Hall

Boulder: Evolution of a City, Revised Edition By: Sylvia Pattem, Liston E. Leyendecker

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Boulder is a great place for a day, weekend or permanent getaway. With so many family friendly activities in the area it may be hard to decide where to start, but I have pulled together four of my childhood favorites to send you and the minivan in the right direction.

First, let’s head to the Dairy Center at 2590 Walnut. This building is more than just a piece of architectural art, it is a great place to explore. You can start in the galleries; it holds more than 80 regional, national, and international artists throughout its 18 shows each year ( After you view the works of art you might as well catch a performance. It may be hard to choose between the live art of the Boulder Ballet, The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, and the

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Sometimes you just need a change, and if this change is going to happen in your home you may want to call an interior designer. Might as well bring in the experts and let them transform your space. We all know how nice it is to support local business, so we have found some very talented interior designers right here in Boulder to help you.

Lola Gray Home and Design is one of our top picks. You may have known them as Boulder Interior Design Company. With a group of three very talented designers you are sure to get whatever look you are after. Want a taste of what they love to do? Head to their retail shop at 2516 Broadway where you can see first hand their talents of mixing old and new. Call them at 303-997-8230 to book your consultation today. You

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Having a little trouble getting motivated to get fit these days? Maybe a new wardrobe is in order. Nothing like a slimming new pair of yoga pants to help you book it to that five o’clock yoga class. We have found the best places to get your workout in motion right here on Pearl Street in Boulder. Check out our picks and get closer to that new you.


Our first stop is Umba at 2043 Broadway. This cute boutique not only smells amazing, but is truly abiding by the green lifestyle that Boulder encourages. Not only do they buy from local suppliers for their comfy workout options, but they stick to those that use all natural material and dyes. This small shop carries products from over 75 local artists at any given time. So why not grab a lavender eye

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World-renowned architect, author, and keynote speaker Sarah Susanka is known for her unique architectural designs and her vision for living life in the present. As she worked closely with many clients, listening to what they were looking for and noticing what they found truly appealing in a home, she developed an idea for an architectural design concept, which she has dubbed the “Not So Big” home theory. 

The idea behind this concept focuses on making life simpler and more efficient for homeowners who see quality of life and craftsmanship as more significant standards than square footage. Not at all the same thing as the “tiny house” or “pixy home” movement that some people find appealing, the Not So Big home theory simply does away with

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