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Working in the Real Estate industry we need to categorize our listings as either in the flood zone, minimal risk, high risk, etc. When check-marking the appropriate box I never imagined that I would see what the high risk flood could really encompass.

September is always an amazing time for me. The weather is generally amazing as is the excitement in the air for all the holidays to come. Especially September 12th, my birthday - I love my birthday. Unfortunately, over the course of the last decade it has change. 9/11 happened, now the "100 year flood", or some say the "1,000 year flood". Evidently we had three extremely moist and warm weather systems from different directions come together and basically get trapped against the mountains, a very, very

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Boulder Wine MerchantThe City of Boulder is known for a lot of things like the University of Colorado, our green spirit, and our gorgeous Rocky Mountain landscape, but a few other things outsiders might not realize is that Boulder, Colorado is a mecca for food, beer and wine as well! In Boulder if you want killer food you go to Frasca, if you want the best beer you go to Boulder Brewery, and if you want to purchase high quality fine wines from a master sommelier you go to the Boulder Wine Merchant! With more than 30 years of business under its belt and its 2010 acquisition by a young up-and-coming master sommelier, the Boulder Wine Merchant offers wine lovers of all kinds with valuable resources, and of course, amazing vintages and varietals. Regardless of your wine

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If you frequent Boulder's awesome hiking trails as much as we do, you will be thrilled (just like our dog Jasper) to learn that the City of Boulder has re-opened several popular trails, including Chautauqua and Mt. Sanitas (pictured here), which were closed on September 12, 2013 due to the flooding. 

From the City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks web page:

"The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) has re-opened a limited number of trails. Trails will be open from dawn to dusk, and anyone traveling on them must remain on-trail. Trails will be closed at night because of hazards not visible in the dark. All other OSMP trails remain closed under an emergency order."

"The following OSMP trails are now open for the

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The 100 year flood could not stop this couple! 

Katie Brooks, one of our BoulderHomeSource team members, and Justin Leonard were to be married on September 15, 2013 at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. Estes Park is a beautiful mountain resort town just 35 minutes from Boulder, and is considered the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, heavy rains, eventually turning to devastating floods, made the roads in the towns of Lyons and Estes Park inaccessible cutting off all access to the YMCA. The bride and groom had to think fast if they still wanted to get married on September 15, with family and friends gathering from outside of Boulder for the wedding.

Presented with the huge challenge of finding a new

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All across the world people are hearing about the natural disaster that has literally ripped through parts of state in the 2013 Colorado Flood. Although these times are tragic for the community as a whole and certainly more tragic for some individuals than others, the flood has also brought out the best in the communities we are proud to call home. 

The Republic of Boulder is not only a cool hippie college town, but it is a mecca for strong minded and strong willed positive thinkers.  As we get more and more reports of human compassion, camaraderie, and selflessness, on a whole other level than what we are used to experiencing, the true overall spirit of the community of Boulder, Colorado can be felt.  It has been tremendous to watch Boulderites and

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Boulder County is one of several communities hit the hardest by the Colorado flood of 2013. For days now the city has been closed down, and hundreds of roads in and around the county are completely inaccessible and totally cut off. Among the most devastating outcomes of the flood has been the loss of 4 lives, 80 people who are currently unaccounted for, tons of structural and infrastructural damage, and havoc on our beautiful landscape. Despite the tremendous wrath Mother Nature bestowed on the area, the community of Boulder County is far from defeated! In fact, the best thing to come of the storm is the united front the city, county, as well as the residents and emergency responders have assembled together. After having a somewhat dry afternoon, waters

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Boulder County Real EstateThe first sign summer is fading is the days get shorter. The shadows deepen. The nights grow longer. The settling in begins.  From a real estate perspective, buyer activity decreases. The number of properties for sale declines. The settling in has begun.

Thus far 2013 has been an active year for the Boulder Valley real estate market. Sales of single family homes and attached units for Boulder County are up 11.16% through August compared to through August/2012.

As buyer and seller activity has increased across the real estate landscape, single family home values have shown marked improvement. It’s the result of a simple economic principle – scarcity creates demand.                                              

Economic Snapshot Boulder County…
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Sales continue to improve over last year. Single family home sales are up 8.99% through August over last year. Attached units up 19.24%. Combined market up 11.68%. Combined market up 7.43% compared to 2008. Down 6.35% compared to 2007. Inching up. Keep in mind the market is hot, but as a group you guys are hotter. Year to date as a team you are up 35% year over year. 

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2800 Kalmia Avenue #C112, Boulder, CO 80301

MLS# 718937
2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms
Total Square Feet: 888
Nice two bedroom, two full bath Aspen Grove Condo in Boulder. Private location. Easy access to public transportation and just a stones throw away from restaurants, grocery stores, and everything Boulder has to offer. This property makes a great home or an investment.




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