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Dust off your flip flops (or your running shoes), dig out your visor or sun hat, put on those brand-spanking-new pair of summer shorts (looking good!), and slather on some sunscreen because it's Boulder's big kickoff to summer weekend! While just a few weeks ago we thought summer was a ways off with the surprising string of spring snow storms, mother nature finally decided that it's summertime. Here are some great happenings in Boulder this weekend.

Boulder Creek FestBoulder Creek Festival - A MUST to check out this weekend - a fun-filled three-day community event along the Boulder Creek Bike Path near downtown Boulder. The huge festival features live performances and entertainment, carnival rides, the infamous Expand Duck Race (to benefit the Boulder Parks and Rec

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Southpaws Boulder Youth SportsParticipating in youth sports is one of the most beneficial things your child can do, and in a state where fitness and fun go hand in hand, the opportunities for our youth to play in a wide variety of sports are endless. Hundreds of studies show there is a direct correlation between a child’s involvement in a group sport and their skill development later on in life. The skills children learn when playing a team sport go well beyond the actual technical aspects of the game and moves into things like problem solving, sharing, compassion, self respect, respect for others, and healthy sportsmanship. Because we are fortunate to live in Boulder which is known as one of the most active places in the country, we would like to encourage you to get your children

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Attention RE/MAX Alliance of Boulder Agents:

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Real Estate Video ProductionThe RE/MAX Difference”  - Tell us your story.

Hey RE/MAX Professional, share your journey with us. Homeowners and buyers face many challenges when it comes to making the right decisions. Have you walked into a situation where you had to pickup the pieces? Do you have a story to tell where your clients went from desperation to exultation? Frustration to Happiness? Confusion to a clear path? We want to hear it.

RE/MAX leads the industry for one main reason, you (our agents) and the stories of success you heroes craft everyday. In order to build consumer awareness of just how good you are we want to

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Low Foreclosure Rates in ColoradoIf you are like me, you keep your eye on homes in your neighborhood and the surrounding community to see if people are remodeling, what new listings are being sold for, and which homes are being foreclosed on. I don’t necessarily do this because I am interested in those particular homes, but instead I want to see how these factors are affecting the relative value of real estate in my community. These indicators ultimately have an effect on your home’s value, which is why they are important not only to buyers and sellers, but also to homeowners. With that being said, I have recently noticed a steep decline in the number of for sale signs going up in the Front Range area of Colorado. Two or three years ago it seemed like every other home had a for sale sign

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If you've got spring redecorating fever a very hot, or should we say very "cool", option for finding home furnishings and decor is to shop at a local consignment store. And, if you've got spring cleaning fever, consignment stores are also a great way to get rid of gently used unwanted household items and furniture while making a little bit extra cash.

Clutter Boulder ConsignmentOne of Boulder's most beloved consignment stores called Clutter Consignment is ideally located downtown. Clutter offers contemporary and retro finds, as well as classic and antique furniture and home decor. You'll find everything from sofas, tables, chairs, desks, armoires, to hand-knotted rugs, candle holders, vases, crystal wine glasses and pyrex bowls, all in gently used and clean condition. They also

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Celestial Seasonings Even if you are not a tea drinker, the chances are good that you know of the popular Celestial Seasonings 100% Natural Tea Company. Known worldwide for producing some of the best herbal tea products, Celestial Seasonings was founded in Boulder, Colorado and is the pride and joy of the local natural food and beverage market. If you have not been yet, or in a while, we would like to invite you to tour their amazing facility and sample the freshest teas the world has to offer!

Celestial Seasonings was created by small group of passionate people who believed that you could improve your health and life through the use of all natural teas and herbs. Initially, they selected and harvested local herbs right from the Rockies and manufactured by hand a superior

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13' Best Schools Daily BeastMost people know the golden rule of real estate is location, location, location; which applies today more than ever in our revitalized Colorado market. When considering exactly what location is best for you and your family to buy in, there are many things to factor like crime rates, city taxes, relationship to work, immediate amenities and of course, the surrounding schools. In fact, school districts are usually one of the top considerations for families with children and even for those who do not have any. This is because receiving the best education you can without having to travel outside of your immediate area will help to set up your family for success down the line. In addition it also helps tremendously with resale values and adds to the lure of a

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Boulder Colorado HomesBoulder County and the surrounding areas are seeing exactly what we predicted they would in home sales for the month of April, with decreased inventories and absorption rates, as well as increased sales prices. Since none of this really comes to a surprise for knowledgeable home buyers and sellers, I thought instead it might be worthwhile to talk about what we are seeing in the average and median sale price. First, lets go over exactly what the difference is between a median and average, and how they pertain to real estate.

The median and average sale prices you see so frequently referred to in real estate are two different comparisons from the same exact numbers. From elementary school math, you will remember that the average of a certain group of

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Economic Snapshot

A look at the current real estate market; provided by RE/MAX ALLIANCE

Homes in Boulder CountyAnd the Beat Goes on. That’s a 1980 song from an American group called The Whispers. The song is about moving on from a lost love. In a different sense, the Boulder Valley, Metro Denver, and Northern Colorado real estate markets have moved on from a period of time when real estate values plummeted, bank foreclosures and short sales multiplied, and banks were draping Out-of-Business signs on their front windows courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

In the span of less than two years the Boulder Valley real estate market has shifted from a buyer’s market to a balanced market to a seller’s market. Driven by pent-up demand and affordable mortgage interest rates the

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