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Boulder Food Truck ProgramThis weekend, the food truck pilot program that has been talked about so much earlier in the year finally begins in Boulder. This program includes five different parks and two downtown locations where people can visit for some great food. The program is being tested in the City of Boulder and will be analyzed upon its seasonal completion to determine what the effects were on the City itself and how successful it was in creating a new local food industry. In places like New York, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago, the food truck industry is already booming, which has opened up great new alternative dining options for people living and working in the area.

I personally think this is a great fit for Boulder, because we have such a dynamic food scene already.

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Walking Around BoulderWalkability simply refers to how easily you can get around a given area or neighborhood by foot. This concept is not new, but the word is sure generating a pretty big buzz these days, especially in terms of real estate, lifestyles, fitness, and the eco friendly industry. Although the idea of living, working and playing in one centralized location, where everything is close enough to walk wherever you need to go is one of the basic draws to urban living, the concept has now expanded to mean more. Walkability and bikeability both refer to a way of life, one that offers residents ease, convenience, and community.

Walkability is huge in cities like Boulder and Denver, Colorado because more and more people believe that being able to use other means of

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Thanks to all who came to the RE/MAX Alliance of Boulder's Annual BBQ & Going Away Party for Jenny! 







 It's a Lifestyle...

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The Boulder ReservoirCan I just say "hurray" it is finally time for summer fun and swimming in the Front Range! I don’t know about you, but to me there is nothing better than sitting poolside or at one of our state’s beautiful reservoirs watching the kids play and soaking up as much vitamin D as my skin can stand! We are very fortunate in the Boulder area to have easy access to some really awesome water recreation opportunities. From inner tubing down the Boulder Creek and boating on the Boulder Reservoir, to swim lessons and pool clubs, if it was up to me there would never be a dry moment all summer! Here is my list of the top places for swimming and summer fun around Boulder, Colorado.

First on the list, especially since I already mentioned it, has to be the Boulder

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Student Life CU BoulderStudent life at CU Boulder is all about being out and about, with “The Hill” being the official home of college life for students. This is where you find the majority of the sororities and fraternities, as well as some of the University's most popular bars, music venues, and eateries. The Fox Theater, The Sink, The Corner Bar, and Buchanan's Coffee Pub are just a few of the hotspots that are always teeming with college life. Located right across from campus, University Hill is also home to many of the city’s old Victorian mansions and has a history that dates back to the very beginning of Boulder. This unique gem is not only the place to go if you are looking to have a good time, but it is also a place where our CU students learn about Boulder’s culture

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Dust off your flip flops (or your running shoes), dig out your visor or sun hat, put on those brand-spanking-new pair of summer shorts (looking good!), and slather on some sunscreen because it's Boulder's big kickoff to summer weekend! While just a few weeks ago we thought summer was a ways off with the surprising string of spring snow storms, mother nature finally decided that it's summertime. Here are some great happenings in Boulder this weekend.

Boulder Creek FestBoulder Creek Festival - A MUST to check out this weekend - a fun-filled three-day community event along the Boulder Creek Bike Path near downtown Boulder. The huge festival features live performances and entertainment, carnival rides, the infamous Expand Duck Race (to benefit the Boulder Parks and Rec

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Southpaws Boulder Youth SportsParticipating in youth sports is one of the most beneficial things your child can do, and in a state where fitness and fun go hand in hand, the opportunities for our youth to play in a wide variety of sports are endless. Hundreds of studies show there is a direct correlation between a child’s involvement in a group sport and their skill development later on in life. The skills children learn when playing a team sport go well beyond the actual technical aspects of the game and moves into things like problem solving, sharing, compassion, self respect, respect for others, and healthy sportsmanship. Because we are fortunate to live in Boulder which is known as one of the most active places in the country, we would like to encourage you to get your children

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Low Foreclosure Rates in ColoradoIf you are like me, you keep your eye on homes in your neighborhood and the surrounding community to see if people are remodeling, what new listings are being sold for, and which homes are being foreclosed on. I don’t necessarily do this because I am interested in those particular homes, but instead I want to see how these factors are affecting the relative value of real estate in my community. These indicators ultimately have an effect on your home’s value, which is why they are important not only to buyers and sellers, but also to homeowners. With that being said, I have recently noticed a steep decline in the number of for sale signs going up in the Front Range area of Colorado. Two or three years ago it seemed like every other home had a for sale sign

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