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CSA BoulderOne of the hottest topics in Boulder right now, especially since spring is right around the corner, is community supported agriculture programs or CSA’s.  In a city where there is a huge importance on local and organic in just about every avenue applicable, its no wonder that Boulder is leading our local CSA industry.  Boulder's community supported agricultural programs continue to grow by extending their reach and making it possible for businesses and individuals to buy directly from farms.  

Two of the main benefits of CSA programs are freshness and direct contribution to local economies. Offering a sustainable way to purchase produce makes it possible for local farms to keep their costs low and provide the best and freshest quality products. 

Here is

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Buying Real Estate 2013March 2013 is looking like its going to be a game of numbers for homeowners and about which buyer wants it more!   With the high demand on for sale homes in Boulder’s local market, potential buyers in March will be faced with a seriously competitive market.  In March it is expected that many buyers will try to beat the “rush” of spring by looking to contract early.  

Of course the overall lack of inventory is not going to make things easier for buyers, but the good news is that homeowners will finally see numbers swing back around into their court.  Although many of the homes that will be coming on to the market over the next year will increase in value, most of them will have still not reached the point of 2007’s values. 

What this says to sellers,

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Boulder Country Real EstateBoulder County’s year to date real estate statistics are in and show strong numbers as the month of February came to a close. These past two months have had the highest records of sold homes since 2007 in both single family and attached dwellings.  In January 2013, 167 single family homes and 62 attached dwellings sold in total.  February showed an increase of sales with 177 single family homes and 70 attached dwellings. Out of the 67 active listings that were priced under $200,000, yes there are still some in Boulder County,  51 of these properties sold in an average of 2.6 months.  Homes priced between $200,001 and $300,000 averaged an absorption rate of 3.6 months selling 74 out of the 135 active listings.  Absorption rates of 4.2 months was observed

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Natural BoulderNearly 2.5 billion dollars are generated each year in the state of Colorado by the natural/organic food industry. A significant portion of that amount originates in Boulder. If you have any interest in becoming involved with that thriving industry, you’ve landed in the right spot! Boulder is often considered the epicenter of the natural food and product industry, boasting the highest per capital consumption of organic foods in North America!

Celestial SeasoningsBoulder’s movement for natural products started backin the 1800s with the opening of the holistic Boulder Sanitarium in 1896 at the base of Sunshine Canyon. Fast-forward to 1958 when the first “health food store” was opened by Hanna Kroeger and developed a devout following for years. In the late 1960s, Mo Siegel

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Boulder Book StoreBoulder, Colorado has a unique history that is intertwined with poetry and literature.  With such names as notable beatnik writers like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, Amiri Baraka, and Anne Waldman, Boulder has become a center for modern day and historic literary culture.  In support of this cultural industry the Colorado University of Boulder and Naropa University offer some of the best writing programs the nation has to offer.  Boulder is also home to many independent bookstores that have helped to continue the traditions of Boulder’s written culture.  Here is a list of our favorite local bookstores in Boulder.

The Boulder Book Store is Boulder’s largest independent bookstore that carries over 100,000 titles and support local artists.  This

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Historic Mapleton HillBoulder, Colorado has a rich and interesting history that tells a story of how our community was brought into the modern era with the help of local prominent families and the mining and railroad industries.  By 1880, Boulder was a well established community that was to be the home of the State University.  Around this time the first permanent residential area for upper-class residents was established in what we now know as Mapleton Hill.  This land was purchased from the federal government by the Tourtellot and Squires families, years previous to this in 1858 for $5,500.  In 1888 Mapleton Hill was plotted out and mapped by The Boulder Land and Improvement Company which brought in several developers including H.M. Bradley, John G. Cope, Samuel C. Brown,

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Sledding In BoulderWell, we finally got some of the much needed snow we have all been craving this weekend, thank you Mother Nature!  It just doesn’t feel like winter in Boulder without snowcapped peaks and bundled up folks walking about.  Happy to have white on the ground, Boulder residents can expect to get between 7-10 inches of snow today.  Yay!  So how are you planning to spend this snowy Sunday?  If you are like most active snowbirds in Boulder you are more than likely going to get into your ski and snowboarding gear and head out for a day of sledding and adventure.  Here is our list of the best place to sled in Boulder.

By far the most popular and well known sledding hills are those of Chautauqua Park.  Located at 900 Baseline Rd, you can expect the main hill to be

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J Davis Builders Boulder ColoradoJ Davis Builders is a locally owned and operated custom builder and construction management company in Boulder, Colorado.  We are proud to endorse J Davis and love the work they have provided our company with over the years. Completing the renovations on our new office, J Davis Builders brought insight, efficiency and quality materials to our vision.  Click here to see picture of our new office space!

J Davis Builders offers construction management for commercial renovation and construction projects, new custom home builds, and residential enhancements.  Providing hands-on and detailed oriented services, J Davis Builders bring more than 22 years of experience to each project. Owner, Jeff Davis is personally involved with each project and oversees his

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CU Womens BasketballAlthough football is their official sport, now that it is over the University of Colorado at Boulder’s other sports programs are as alive as ever.  CU-Boulder is one of the most active college campuses in the nation.  Student who attend the university choose this school not only because of their academic programs but also for the athletic opportunities as well. The University of Colorado’s of Boulder campus offers a variety of sports programs for both men and women.  Students come from all over the country to play basketball, cross country, golf, skiing, soccer, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and of course football. The university has about 1,500 students who participate in the intercollegiate sports each year. 

The Colorado Buffaloes have a

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Boulder Public LibraryFor many people the library is not only an essential resource for knowledge but it is also an outlet to many other things likes children and adult reading and research programs, continued education, discussion groups, multi cultural groups, social events, and much more.  The Boulder Public Library offers these services for free to their public and plays an intricate part in the Boulder community.  We are proud to announce that the Boulder Public Library’s main building will be getting a facelift valued around $2.45 million dollars!  The areas that will see most of the renovations include the two first floors of the 1992 and 1974 buildings which house the Children’s and Teen, adult fiction, music and movie sections.

Getting involved with programs at one

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