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We'd like to introduce you to BeadforLife, an International non-profit organization that helps women in Uganda by teaching them to create recycled paper jewelry while paying fair wages and educating them to become savvy entrepreneurs.  Did you know that Boulder, Colorado is the proud host in North America for the BeadForLife headquarters?   Their mission is to create sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.   In addition to lifting these women from poverty, the women gain confidence and life-long business skills.  We were curious how BeadForLife began, “BeadforLife began with a chance encounter between women.  Our co-founders Torkin

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Boulder Farmers MarketHurray, it is time once again for the Boulder Farmers' Market!  This means we can all go back to eating the freshest ingredients our local farmers and producers have to offer!  If you are like most people in Boulder, eating healthy and enjoying the outdoors is what makes you tick, so strap on your sneakers and head over to the Boulder Farmers' Market this Saturday April 6th, 2013!  In fact, make a whole day out of it; bring a blanket, your favorite book, and your best pal, and after you're done shopping, hit up the park for a fun and rejuvenating picnic.  Here are all the details about the market.

Boulder Farmers' Market:

Location: 13th Street between Arapahoe and Canyon
Dates: April 6th 2013 - November 20th 2013
Wednesdays: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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Boulder History MuseumThe Boulder History Museum is a local treasure, or should we say, a piece of good-old-fashioned Rocky Mountain gold!  The museum and historical society were founded in 1944 and have since been one of Boulder’s most prized foundations. The mission of the Boulder History Museum is to provide the community with a resource that allows them to share “engaging educational experiences” and to “explore the continuing history of Boulder.”  By collecting and preserving pieces of Boulder’s unique past, they are not only preserving it for future generations, but inspiring new visions for the future.  If you have never been to the Boulder History Museum, this Sunday April 7th, 2013 is your next chance to do so, for free! (Although, donations are appreciated.)  Here’s

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Support EFAAWho are the people in need of food and shelter? They are your neighbors, your friends and your co-workers. In 2011, 21% of Boulder County families earned under $25,000 per year, 41% of families with a single mother lived in poverty, and a staggering one in five households with children ran out of money to buy food. Lost jobs and decreased wages are two of the top reasons why people in our community are in such need. Twelve thousand adults in Boulder County are officially unemployed and several thousand are underemployed. We encounter these people every day, but are we really seeing them for the struggles that they encounter?

Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) is a non-profit organization that was established in Boulder County in 1918, and

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Simple Spoon Casey Easton

Simple Spoon is a local Boulder cooking school and catering company that was created by Chef Casey Easton.  Casey is one of the Front Range’s most exclusive private chefs and after having a wildly successful booth at the Boulder Farmers Market for nearly a decade, she decided to branch out into culinary teaching and catering.  Casey’s passion is for menu planning and creating culinary experiences that not only compliment the food, but also the event.  With her broad array of culinary education mixed with cultural experience, Casey’s menus focus on sustainable, organic, and locally grown foods.

Haven’t you always wanted to cook like a professional?  Do you want to figure out how to turn uber healthy foods into delicious meals fit for a king, or a five

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Join our Boulder Real Estate Community on Google Plus!We have recently created a community on Google Plus that is dedicated to Boulder, Colorado Real Estate and Lifestyle!  We hope to see our Boulder Real Estate Community forum grow with industry members, but also with residents and local businesses. This community discussion page is intended for anything that has to do with, or makes Boulder a great place to live and buy a home.  If you live in Boulder, you know that people from all over the world move to our area for a variety of reasons.  Boulder attracts passionate people, most of which love the outdoors and the unique vibe the city exudes.  For these reasons, we hope that you will join and contribute to our new community on Google Plus, so that we can celebrate what Boulder is all about!

If you have

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Spring flowers at Home Depot

Today marks the first official day of Spring. Hurray, we can all officially dig out our gardening tools and start planting! My favorite part about spring, besides the sandals, is watching all the color come back into beautiful Colorado. During the fall and later parts of the winter, Colorado takes on a sepia tone where everything, although pretty, is a different shade of brown. BUT, during the spring, and especially when we get a nice wet couple of months, the colors that can be seen across Boulder Valley are amazing. Ranging from the lush greens of the Valley’s fields, to the bright yellow sunflowers growing along the streets, to the expansive blue sky; spring in Boulder Valley is colored with life! If you haven’t already, it is time to start planning

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Scott Carpenter Park Boulder ColoradoEven if you don’t have kids, Scott Carpenter Park & Pool is one of the coolest playgrounds and community parks in Boulder, Colorado.  This park sits off of 30th, just south of Arapahoe Road, and has a nice big parking lot with tons of shade and an RTD stop.  At first glance, you don’t really get the chance to see all the features of the park, so be sure to walk around and check out the skate park area and baseball fields before heading to the pool or playground.  

I recently went to Scott Carpenter Park on a warm day in March with my son and was amazed by the different kinds of people I saw enjoying themselves outside.  There were tons of kids playing on the spaced themed playground, adults doing yoga on the top of the hill, college kids eating their

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Boulder BeerBoulder and the surrounding areas are united by one truly awesome thing... BEER and lot of it!  If you are a die-hard beer enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than living in a place like Boulder, Colorado.  In fact, Colorado is one of the top beer producing states which is something our locals get excited about!  All over Colorado, but especially in the Boulder area, you will find tons of microbreweries.  Some the breweries are just that, a place where beer is brewed, but most of them are so much more!  Several of the biggest names in microbrewed beer come from Boulder and Colorado.  Many of these establishments are really “Brewpubs” which means that they serve wonderful food that compliments their beer perfectly.  Besides having restaurants and dining

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Boulder BakedBoulder Baked is one of Boulder’s best locally owned bakeries, but this place isn’t your typically bakery!  Boulder Baked is known for being the late night sweet spot.  They offer baked goods which are delivered nightly, as well as onsite seating.  Their baked to order cookies and other sweet treats are perfect for any event or quick after-dinner snack.  Everything you get from Boulder Baked is made onsite using all natural and fresh ingredients.  They offer many delectables that are vegan and gluten free, in addition to special orders for allergies. Boulder Baked is located at 1911 Broadway, between Pearl and Walnut, and is open from 4pm-12am Tuesday through Sunday. 

This cute family owned shop has a huge variety of sweets to choose from including "out

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