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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of one of Boulder’s most desirable home remodeling companies. Mark Lévesque is the creative mind behind KBC Remodeling Services and is truly one of the most genuine business men if have ever met. Built on a solid reputation for their skills, talent and in house approach, KBC has flourished in the Boulder County community due to their client’s referrals and impeccable word of mouth. Some of the most impressive things I took away from meeting with Mark was that he has a keen eye for design features. He also understands how to pair expectations with real budget concerns and how to make sustainable look chic.

When you hire KBC to remodel your home one thing you are guaranteed is that the project

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Sometimes you just need a change, and if this change is going to happen in your home you may want to call an interior designer. Might as well bring in the experts and let them transform your space. We all know how nice it is to support local business, so we have found some very talented interior designers right here in Boulder to help you.

Lola Gray Home and Design is one of our top picks. You may have known them as Boulder Interior Design Company. With a group of three very talented designers you are sure to get whatever look you are after. Want a taste of what they love to do? Head to their retail shop at 2516 Broadway where you can see first hand their talents of mixing old and new. Call them at 303-997-8230 to book your consultation today. You

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The first step in staging a home is to not do it yourself.  Why, you ask?  Because just like the person who lives next to a railroad track no longer hears the train that goes by at 2:00 AM in the morning, you no longer notice Gramma’s dresser you have so charmingly placed in the middle of your living room blocking the window.  The first step in staging is to find a friend, neighbor, or Realtor who are committed to telling you the truth about what they see.  Once you have done this, walk through the home with these tips in mind.

  • Clutter needs to go.  In most cases, go into the process expecting half of your belongings will need to be thinned from the home to truly let the size of the home and its features to shine through.  The more space we have,
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There are a few different ways to remove wallpaper, but the only real way to know for sure what you need to do, is to start getting into the project and figure out what you are dealing with!  Newer wallpaper that has a vinyl top layer tends to be the easiest to remove, so if that is what you determine you have, consider yourself lucky.  If you have got the old stuff, multiple layers, painted over wallpaper or an unfinished wall behind everything, you have quite the little project on your hands.  Ah but don’t fret, worst case scenario it’s really nothing that a sander, chemical remover-solution and a good scraper can’t get off.  Of course when things go down that path, you might also be looking at a few repairs to the wall as well. 
Here is our guide to

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Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, it is time to fully embrace the most wonderful holiday of all, Christmas!  In fact, this weekend was the most popular time for Santa’s elves to be busy at work decorating the houses in their neighborhoods and city buildings.  Thus creating the wonderful visual spectacular we all love and have learned to expect during this time of year. Whether you are into simple white lights and red ribbons, inflatable Mickey Mouse Christmas characters, or extravagant light shows with music and animatronics, one thing you can be sure of is an inflated energy bill.  So this December instead of increasing your carbon footprint even further, adorn your home with more eco-friendly holiday decoration options.   

Here are our

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ReSource Yard Boulder ColoradoHave you ever wondered what happens to old building materials when a home or office is remodeled? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is oftentimes those materials end up in our landfills. This is especially true when demolition takes place because usually things are torn out without the thought of ever being used again. The real shame is that most of the building materials that end up in landfills could have been reused or repurposed for something else if only they were dismantled with care.  The waste of such reusable resources has driven many people and organizations to rethink the idea of demo and practice deconstruction instead. The leader in this green building movement in our area is an organization called ReSource.  ReSource is a nonprofit

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How To Stage Your Open HouseOpen houses are the best opportunity for homeowners to get their house noticed in a competitive market. When homes are selling within days of hitting the market, an open house could just be the ticket for starting a bidding war on your home. Planning an open house requires forethought and good timing. It is important to get your home out there in front of buyer's eyes as quickly as possible, but you want to make sure you are prepared for it first. Once your home is ready to present, talk to your realtor about hosting an open house. Here are our top tips for making your open house stand out above the rest.

staging your Dining RoomStage and set the scene. I'm sure you have already been staging your home and de-cluttering it for showings, but for an open house you will want set

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Staging your Living Room

I had just met with the stager the last time I wrote about my home buying and selling experience.  Since then, and with a lot of work behind us, we are almost ready to list our home.  We made great strides in getting to work on our laundry list of repairs including: de-cluttering, depersonalizing, painting and staging over the last two months.  I was surprised because it really did not cost as much money as I thought it would, but it is requiring every spare minute we have. Here’s what we have accomplished so far in the process.

New French DoorsThe biggest and most costly repair we had to complete was to get a new backdoor.  We used to have this old school, drafty sliding glass door with ugly black trim, a broken lock, and broken security arm.  We NOW have, lovely

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Kitche FaceliftThe kitchen for most people, especially moms, is the single most place they spend the majority of their time in their homes.  It is a place where friends and family members gather, and the place where you do endless dishes and prepare loving meals.  Because of these reasons, having a functioning kitchen that inspires good feelings is important to most homeowners. A dull or dingy kitchen, that you cringe being in for more than 15 minutes at a time, is not likely to inspire culinary creativity.  If you have an out-of-date kitchen and you would like nothing more than to rip it all out, but don’t have the budget to do so, I have few easy and cost effective tips that might help.  Here is how to give your kitchen a facelift on a budget.

Painting and

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J Davis Builders Boulder ColoradoJ Davis Builders is a locally owned and operated custom builder and construction management company in Boulder, Colorado.  We are proud to endorse J Davis and love the work they have provided our company with over the years. Completing the renovations on our new office, J Davis Builders brought insight, efficiency and quality materials to our vision.  Click here to see picture of our new office space!

J Davis Builders offers construction management for commercial renovation and construction projects, new custom home builds, and residential enhancements.  Providing hands-on and detailed oriented services, J Davis Builders bring more than 22 years of experience to each project. Owner, Jeff Davis is personally involved with each project and oversees his

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