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Weeks have now passed since the Colorado Flood of 2013 and even though many people have begun to put the pieces back together, there is still a huge need for help in the area. One area which is near and dear to most Coloradans hearts are our four legged pals and pets. Since the first reports of evacuations, the Longmont Humane Society, which is one of the Front Range's largest facilities, has taken in over 230 animals which were stranded or otherwise displaced by the rushing waters. With so many additional animals in the facility, the Longmont Humane Society is now looking to the public to help fill the need of the community.

The majority of the animals that are being sheltered at the Longmont Humane Society because of the floods are in a unique

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417 Mccolm Street, Berthoud, CO 80513

MLS# 721068
Price: $162,000
2 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom

PLEASE join us for our open house this Saturday, Ocotber 189th, 2013 from 11-1pm and see for yourself what this home and the town of BErthoud really has to offer!  

Contact Scott Hurst at: Soctt@boulderhomesource.com if you have any questions!

This home is all about the land, a simpler way of life, and of course lots of peace and quiet!  Click the picture below to see what crazy affordable living looks like in Berthoud, Colorado.

BoulderHomeSource ...It's A Lifestyle

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Working in the Real Estate industry we need to categorize our listings as either in the flood zone, minimal risk, high risk, etc. When check-marking the appropriate box I never imagined that I would see what the high risk flood could really encompass.

September is always an amazing time for me. The weather is generally amazing as is the excitement in the air for all the holidays to come. Especially September 12th, my birthday - I love my birthday. Unfortunately, over the course of the last decade it has change. 9/11 happened, now the "100 year flood", or some say the "1,000 year flood". Evidently we had three extremely moist and warm weather systems from different directions come together and basically get trapped against the mountains, a very, very

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Longmont is one of the Front Range's most popular places to call home for people looking to move into the Boulder County area.  Located northeast of the City of Boulder and directly in the center of Downtown Denver and Fort Collins (45 minutes either way), Longmont offers a wide range of lifestyle choices, fantastic schools, affordable living options, and a prime location for ample employment opportunities.  Over the last 25 years or so, the City of Longmont has seen a lot of change, especially when it comes to the construction of subdivisions.  Being a progressive kind of community, the City of Longmont along with Boulder County offer tremendous resources likes parks, walking trails, recreation centers, pools, senior centers, and of course, tons of fun

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In a little over a month, the Longmont Humane Society will be hosting their annual "Strut Your Mutt" event at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. New to the event this year is the 5k pet optional run/walk! They are expecting over 500 people of all ages and their pets to attend this event which promises to be a great time. “Strut Your Mutt” will feature a variety of pet related booths, products, pet demonstrations, pet contests, refreshments and more! As always, all the money collected from this event will go directly to caring for and animals in need. Even if you do not live in Longmont, this event is a great way for animal-lovers of all kinds to give back to one of the biggest animal shelters in the Front Range area. Totally a family friendly event, children

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For this month’s pets, I decided to go with all my senior ladies! There are currently four female dogs available for adoption at the Longmont Humane Society that are sweet, loving, gentle, and in their golden years. But, just because these ladies have seen a lot of life already, doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot ahead of them! If you are looking for a calm soul to compliment your quiet lifestyle, an older companion might just be exactly what you need. 


Everyone who has ever had a puppy or a young dog knows that they require a huge amount of time and can be quite mischievous.  For most, the main benefits of getting an older dog are that they are more inclined to short periods of play and activity followed by long naps and tons of cuddles!


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Small Mammals Longmont Humane SocietyWe all know the song, “How Much is that Doggy in the Window,” but have you ever heard anyone sing about how much is that rat or guinea pig in the window and if so, would he or she make a good family pet? The answer to those questions are, cheap in comparison to a dog and yes they would make a great pet for the right family!

Small mammals like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and rats are very common household pets, which are loved by many children and families. Although these animals are still considered rodents, they have the ability to be wonderful family pets and can actually be very sociable with the right kind of training. Many rodents when raised in captivity love human contact and have the capacity to learn tricks, which shows how smart these

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727 Bluegrass Way, Longmont, CO 80503

MLS# 708428
Price: $285,000
3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms
2,317 Sq Ft

This home offers Longmont living at its very best!  With a fantastic location in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Nelson Park neighborhood, this Bluegrass home is close to everything you want to do!   The home features: a 3 -car garage, plenty of additional shelving and cabinets, nicely landscaped yard, upgraded 6 zone sprinkler system, covered patio, and separate storage shed. The houses interior as well as front porch and back deck are wired for CAT 5, HDMI, plus audio speakers. The large master suite includes a walk-in closet with ELFA shelving system! 

Don’t wait long this property is priced to move and will not last!  OPEN HOUSE 5/25 11:00 AM

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Longmont Humane Society Dogs for AdoptionsChrissy– Longmont Humane Society’s Dog of the Week!  

Chrissy kissy is a lover by nature! This 41 pound female Terrier/American Staffordshire mix is waiting to meet her forever family, which we know is going to happen any day. Her dynamic and affectionate personality is sure to win over anyone who comes to see her, so don’t wait too long or she will be gone! Chrissy’s favorite activities include long walks and hikes and lounging by her master at night. Just over 2 years old, Chrissy is energetic, but also enjoys her quiet time too. Chrissy would love the company of other animals and would be the perfect companion for just about any active family!


Longmont Humane Society Cats for AdoptionsSkit– Longmont Humane Society’s Cat of the Week!  

Meet Skit, she is Domestic short hair with lots…
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Longmont Humane SocietyBoulderHomeSource.com is proud to announce that we have partnered up with the Longmont Humane Society and will be donating $25 from every closing to their shelter for the next year. This partnership comes after receiving a great response from our featured Pet of the Week blogs, where we showcase two animals in need of adoption. Our blog brings attention to the animals that are in need of your help the most, as well as keeps you informed of fundraising events and volunteer opportunities at the Longmont Humane Society.  We could not be happier about this sponsorship, which ultimately helps animals and families in our community come together to create lasting bonds that nurture Boulder County’s pet friendly lifestyle.  Here is everything you need to know

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