Mortgage Application Checklist

Your attention to the items on the checklist will make the mortgage application process faster and easier. Please bring the following items to your application appointment.

  • Copy of fully executed purchase contract including all addendums
  • Present and former residences, including zip codes.
  • Present and former employers, including address with zip codes.
  • Last 2 years complete signed tax returns (if self-employed).
  • Last 2 years W-2’s.
  • Most recent original pay stubs to cover a full one month period
  • Other income sources (such as retirement, social security, not income, etc.) and copies of documentation.
  • Auto loans: loan numbers, address and zip codes, payment amounts, and balances
  • Existing real estate loan information: lender, loan number, address and zip code, payment amount and balance
  • Other installment loans: loan numbers, addresses and zip codes, payment amounts and balances.
  • Credit cards: account number, payments and balances
  • If divorced or separated: alimony and child support papers, copy of separation agreement and divorce decree
  • If renting: name of landlord, address and zip code, 12 months cancelled checks for rent
  • Bank account numbers, addresses and zip codes, balances and original bank statements for last 3 months.
  • If receiving a gift of funds: name of donor, relationship, address and zip code and bank source of gift money
  • Stocks and bonds: original broker statements for last 3 months
  • Existing real estate: market value and/or copy of sales contract on current residence.
  • Investment property: market value, date acquired, original cost and copy of current lease on all investment property
  • IRA, 401K or other pension savings plans: current statements
  • Automobiles: years and makes, estimated value
  • Furniture and personal property: estimated value
  • Any other asset and value
  • If incorporated: last 2 years signed corporate tax returns
  • If partnership: last 2 years signed partnership tax returns
  • Signed year-to-date balance sheet, profit and loss, current to last 90 days
  • Copy of primary applicant’s relocation package, buy-out offer and/or employment contract.
  • Co-applicant’s two most recent original pay stubs.
  • Documentation of co-applicant’s 2 year work history. (e.g., complete tax returns, employer letter.)
  • Letter from co-applicant stating employment plans/strategy stating employment plans/strategy