Barb Passalacqua


Barb loves Boulder and Real estate is in her blood. Barb grew up in a family of Builders and Developers in the Maryland and then Florida areas. Since moving to Boulder more than 30 years ago, Barb has happily bought, sold and lived in properties in the North, South, East, West and Central parts of Boulder…she can’t decide which is her favorite. In the many years Barb has lived her life here in Boulder, she has become acutely tuned to the various areas and the obvious and subtle differences of these areas and neighborhoods in Boulder have to offer. A big part of her strength as a Real Estate Agent in Boulder is her thorough knowledge of Boulder on all levels. So much of what makes transitions easier is the connection to people. Barb has the connections to people that you need to make a move comfortable. She seamlessly assists in matching people to the right areas and homes in Boulder. She also makes the whole process pleasant and enjoyable…as it should be when buying or selling a home be it near or far.



Barb has had an incredible life as a ballerina, a successful business owner in Boulder and a passionate volunteer for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. She is connected not only to the people of Boulder but also to the businesses, dining, recreation and culture of Boulder. She is not only a great Realtor but also a welcoming committee, a relocation facilitator, ad an advisor. Barb hails from a family of entrepreneurs and real estate businesses owners. Barb is supported by an incredible and one of the top producing teams in Boulder. When you choose Barb to work with you, you are guaranteed to have a smooth and successful transaction. Contact Barb at 303-931-6673 to discuss your real estate needs and inspiration.



When not meeting with clients, previewing homes or researching upcoming available real estate, Barb enjoys mountain biking, hiking with her husband and her dogs, traveling throughout Colorado their RV and visiting her family in Sarasota, FL. Every time Barb leaves Boulder, she is renewed with her love of Boulder when she returns home. Barb is the best of the best.


Barb looks forward to working with you to help you take care of all your housing needs.