Sourcing Organic Produce Locally and Affordably

Posted by Gabrielle Fuqua on Monday, October 13th, 2014 at 10:11am.

Eating fresh, organic, locally produced food is an ideal most of us would love to achieve daily. It can be done. There are ways to cut costs without cutting quality.

First, this is the perfect time of year to harvest food yourself. Places like Miller Farms offer tractor rides into fields where you can pick your own organic bounty right out of the ground. No tree hugging required, but bring a shovel or you may find yourself hugging the stalks of deeply rooted vegetables to no avail. For the best deal and great memories gather friends and go for the group discount. At Miller Farms each person can bring up to 5 bags of fresh produce home. 5 full bags is a lot of produce. A LOT! Be ready to freeze, can, cook and even gift the neighbors a bag because how much kale can one person eat? I'm not sure, but I bet the record holder has a home in Boulder!

Another great option is a CSA, more commonly known as a farm share. This system works by buying a share of the farm's crops. October is a great time to sign up since popular CSAs do fill up. Farmers use the money to buy seed and supplies for the next growing season. Once crops start producing, usually early summer, shareholders pick up their share. It's a great way to eat in season vegetables and try new recipes with the bountiful harvest. When picking a farm be sure to choose one with a pick up location convenient to your Boulder home.

Photo by Tyler Matlock

A third option seen in many backyards of Boulder homes is a victory garden. Victory gardens were made popular during WWII to augment the national food supply and they still serve to provide affordable fresh food to many garden enthusiasts. The advantage is you know exactly what goes into your food and you can choose the of type seed which is important for those avoiding GMOs. No garden space? No problem, join one of the many community gardens available to Boulder residents.

With so many options, eating great food is an option for everyone.

Photo by Tyler Matlock

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