December 2008

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The city of Boulder’s Housing and Human Services Department is hosting two community meetings to gather public input on the city’s Inclusionary Zoning program. The meetings are scheduled for 8 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 12, at the West Senior Center, 909 Arapahoe Ave. and for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 15, at the East Senior Center, 5660 Souix Drive. Spanish translation will be available at the meetings.

Topics for discussion include:

                        Cash-in-lieu of affordable units (the money a developer pays if they don’t build the  affordable units within a new residential project)

                        The on-site requirement (when and where must affordable units be included within a

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A friend of ours sent us a holiday greeting that I felt had to be shared.  This a is a song written, played and sung by thier 14 year old daughter Tilda Gross.  


It's O.k. it made me cry too!

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Yesterday C.U. Graduated 2,189 students into the workforce. 

"Chancellor Bud Peterson, during his address to graduates, told them their graduation during a time of economic uncertainty reminded him of his own graduation in the mid 1970s, during the oil crisis.

He told the graduates their investment in a CU education means they are well-prepared.

"You can have confidence that your degree will sustain you," he said.

He also praised the graduates for being the first class to have spent their entire undergraduate careers with the "Colorado Creed," a code of social responsibility developed by a group of students four years ago."

Year after year Boulder benefits because of the value CU brings to the community, from Sports events to the Shakespeare…
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 9405 Memory Lane

Here is an oppurtuntiy to own a truly Beautiful Lakefront Mission Style Home on private 47 acre Crystal Lake. Custom woodwork and gourmet kitchen. Swimming pool, hot tub with mountain. views, gym off main-level Master suite, media room, room for guests and entertaining poolside.  Replacement costs on this home would be well over $3,000,000.



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Today we saw a significant drop in Mortgage rates and many homeowners are taking advantage of the low rates to lower their monthly payments or to combine the low rates with some great values we are seeing in the market to move forward with a new home purchase.  These are the lowest rates we have seen in over 30 years for fixed 30 year conforming loans.  If you are thinking of refinancing or just have questions shoot our friends Nick Bertrand or Cheryl Coleman at Colorado Mortgage Alliance an Affiliate of Wells Fargo a Call at 303-499-9880


Wells Fargo Rates 12/08/2008


Interest Rate APR
Conforming1 Loans
40-Year Fixed 7.250% 7.462%
30-Year Fixed 4.750% 4.960%
20-Year Fixed 5.000% 5.289%
15-Year Fixed 4.875% 5.241%
5-Year ARM
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It is amazing the amount of clients that are asking us how to buy real estate in their IRA or 401K.  Many of our clients think this is a new and exciting opportunity especially with the volatility being expressed by the traditional investments opportunities.  In fact the IRS has allowed real estate to be held in investment umbrellas since the mid 70’s.  It is just coming to a head recently because investors are realizing that an investment that can produce a 7 to 10% after tax return or more that you can drive by and touch may not be a bad idea. We share the excitement of our clients and have decided to invite Jennifer Dizmang an expert in educate our clients on the opportunity.  We will be having her speak at the Spice of life in Boulder on February 26th…
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I think the Boulder Council may have missed their Econ 101 class as we see them continue to increase the cost of development and housing in the city of Boulder.  Below is the result of the vote at last nights council meeting regarding modification to the height limits in Boulder from the "Daily Camera"

From the Daily Camera Dec 17, 2009

Boulder’s elected leaders next year will take another look at what kind of “community benefit” — such as affordable housing — developers should be required to include if they want to put up buildings taller than 35 feet.

Builders now are allowed to go up to 35 feet in much of downtown Boulder. Building higher than that — up to the 55-foot limit set forth in the city’s charter — requires permission from the city’s

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I had the true pleasure of watching some amazing children at Horizon's K-8 teach us what is really important in life with the launch of thier new online news show I highly recomend everyone check it out to see what can happen when a group of people come together to focus on what is good in the world and what can we be doing to make it a better place.  The greatest teachers in life have any always will be kids!

Ripples staff:



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I know it is going to be a good day when I open up my email and Steamboat is sending out emails that they just received 14" of new snow.  I always laugh in Boulder, today it is negative 4 degrees, but only 4 days ago it was 54 and sunny and I was riding my mountain bike.  So today we think about skiing and maybe taking advantage of Steamboats, tomorrow it will be time to get back on the Mountain Bike and enjoy another sunny day. 

Here is a typical weekend in Boulder:

1. Wake up mosey over to Vics for a cup of Coffee. 2.  Head to Callie's 4th grade girls YMCA Basketball game.  Go Huskies!!!  3. Hop on the Mountain Bike for a ride from town up and over Poorman. 4. Get home in time to take the kids to the local theatre show of Narnia. …
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As we look over the historical data from 2004 one of the stronger factors that has allowed our market to weather some of the fluctuations experienced in other markets is our balance of inventory.  As the demand for housing has decreased throughout Boulder County over the last couple years we have seen a significant decrease in inventory as well, compared to the peak of May 2006.  It will be very telling to see what is in store for 1Q of 2009.  I think it will be a very strong indecator of the year ahead.

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