September 2009

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            Life is a composite of highs and lows.  There are the good times and there are the not so good times.  Real estate markets possess a similar personality.  When they are good, they have a tendency to flow naturally.  Homes sell in a reasonable amount of time and buyers are happy to be paying fair market value for what they are purchasing, with the hope (promise) of long term appreciation.  When real estate markets aren’t quite as good, they struggle along.  Sellers need to deal with declining home values and reduced buyer interest and activity.  This second scenario characterizes the Boulder Valley real estate market for the past few years.

            As an example, in 2006 there were 4,327 single family home sales in the Boulder

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The Fall Of Lehmen Brother's One Year Later 

One year ago the Boulder, CO Real Estate market was feeling fairly confident since we are a "Wealth Based Community."  What a difference a weekend made in September 2008.  From September 2008 thru April 2009 the market came to a standstill in Boulder, CO with Sales/Inventory (Market Absorption)numbers dropping by 50% and as much as 64% in February 2009. 

As time has passed and confidence has begun to rise again in our market Boulder is currently only down 35% for August and showing strong signs of upward Trending.  Since September was the pivot point of our major adjustment period it will be very telling to watch the next couple of months.  My guess is we will start posting our first positive growth numbers

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