December 2009

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The University of Colorado was named the number one Green School in the Country by Sierra Club Magazine. The school also earned the highest score given by the Sustainable Endowments Institute, A Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors project.

Much of Boulder succes has been driven by a very involved student body that is focused on preserving what we have for future generations. With programs such as no waste sporting events, Leed Certified Building projects, Vegetable Oil driven vehicles CU has taken steps to ensure the earth is respected and preserved for years to come.

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If you are thinking about attending the University of Colorado or just want to see what the area has to offer take a

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 Home tips for the winter

Here in Boulder, we've been lucky enough to only have a few days below 30 degrees so far this Holiday season. The fun part about Colorado is that it can be -10 one day and 70 the next! So be prepared and don't let your pipes freeze. Here are some tips on winterizing your home.



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O.K. we all know Colorado gets over 300 Sunny days a year and today would be on that list as well.  The interesting thing as Jasper, Chloe, Ruthie, Chloe and I were running up Anemone trail this morning (We call it the Candy Cane Trail) was the temperature gauge in my car was showing -5 outside. 

It must have been a very funny sight to watch a Black Lab, Husky, Welch Corgi and an old man plod along up the trail in complete solitude under the glistening Flatirons with only the sound of our footsteps as we moved along.  I do have to admit that even though it was -5 outside I felt extreme warmth inside as we reached the top of our run and looked out of Boulder and realized what an amazingly blessed life we live to be able to enjoy a truly magical place.

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