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Best Towns to Live In

USA Today just reported that Boulder, Colorado has the happiest and healthiest people in the United States.  No wonder I can keep up with everyone as they pass me on the running trail. 

The results are based off of the Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index.  It seems that many of the Western areas did well in the study.  It also helped to have a major University of Government installation.  With the University of Colorado and the National Labs of NIST,  NOAH, and NCAR Boulder, CO has several factors that help to insulate it economy.

Boulder, CO is also considered the Health food epicenter as well as being the Silicon Valley of Alternative Energy.  Two industries that are attracting today's best and brightest.

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Happy Presidents Day! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend filled with fun, love, and excitement. Today, we celebrate another very important holiday, Presidents Day. Although it is not one of the most exciting holidays and many people are just thrilled to not have to work today, we should take a few minutes to apply this holiday to our own lives. Presidents Day is a day to remember and honor all of the leaders of our country who have served in the Office of President of the United States. It is a day to remember their leadership, courage, persistence, and love of country. The life of our Nation has been persuaded by these men for over two centuries. They have guided us in times of turmoil and celebrated with us in times of joy. They have…
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Today we live in a world focused on the concept of time. Time as it relates to the speed with which things can be accomplished. How quickly Domino’s can deliver a pizza. How rapidly a personal computer can process and display information. How quickly we return a person’s phone call, e-mail or text message. Often, though, if things don’t occur quite fast enough we have a tendency to grow impatient. 

         The reality is that not everything has the ability or opportunity to happen swiftly like it can in some of the rare, highly sought-after neighborhoods.  Real estate is one of those elements that take time to right themselves and to gain momentum.  Home buyer’s attitudes need to become more positive; seller’s need to continue to be motivated; and

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The Baby Boom Effect In Real Estate 

According to a study by Elliot F. Eisenberg "Among the nearly 2.4 million households that bought a home for the first time, the average age of the householder was 33 years old." Now real estate in Boulder, Colorado seems to be no different. But this is a very interesting stat to look at when we lay it up against the birth rate in United States:






















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Colorado Home Sales Stats

2010 New Listings %Diff Prev Year Sales %Diff Prev Year Avg Price Med Price Dollar Vol of Sale %Diff Prev Year
January 1640 5.2 515 - 6.4 275,481 215,000 141,872,968 - 2.8
February 143 - 91.1 14 - 97.8 433,143 270,000 6,064,012 - 96.3
TOTAL 1783 - 90.9 529 - 95.3 279,654 217,500 147,936,980 - 95.1

2009 New Listings %Diff Prev Year Sales %Diff Prev Year Avg Price Med Price Dollar Vol of Sale %Diff Prev Year
January 1559 - 19.6 550 - 15.9 265,352 208,500 145,943,907 - 21.3
February 1609 - 20.1 631 - 18.5 259,044 208,000 163,456,943 - 26.9
March 1961 - 14.0 805 - 24.6 256,427 214,000 206,423,763 - 36.2
April 1785 - 25.0 866 - 23.6 266,045 218,000

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Denver Among Top US Cities for 2009 Home-Value Gain: Metro Denver had the third-largest gain in home values among cities nationwide in 2009 through November, with a $10.7 billion increase, according to Zillow Real Estate Market Reports. read more here

Juju: Colorado, Denver Among Nation's Best Places to Find a Job: Denver is America's eighth-best city for job seekers, and Colorado ranks No. 8 among the states, according to job search engine Juju.com.     read more here  

Jabs brings back American Furniture Warehouse to Grand Junction: American Furniture Warehouse is returning to Grand Junction. The Evergreen-based furniture store plans to open its 13th Colorado location on 20 acres. The store closed on the last two parcels of four parcels on the

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