March 2010

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I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break week.  Take some time this week to look around and see if there are any small changes that you could make that might have a positive impact on your life. The little things matter. Maybe if you got up 30 minutes earlier you would find the time to get just a few more things done. Maybe if you changed your diet slightly you would feel better and have more energy. Maybe if you tried to be more in the moment your relationships would change with people. Maybe if you tried to do 5 nice things for others each and every day you would see great change. Nothing in this world is forced on us. Small changes create huge results.

 Make it a great day!

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Erin Toll Put on Administrative LeaveErin Toll was put on administrative leave due to her investigation into American Home Funding, which employs Sen. Ted Harvey as a broker.  Her suspension appears to be tied to comments she made regarding the company and Mister Harvey.

As the Managing Broker of one of the largest offices fro RE/MAX Alliance the largest RE/MAX franchise in the United States I always found the work Erin did was first class and came from the position of trying to make the industry better.  Was she a pit bull in pursuing corruption?  Was she a bit overzealous?  The answer to both questions is yes.  But in light that her job was to protect the consumer those are good traits to have.   

On the few opportunities I had to visit with Mrs.…
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