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 I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with fun and relaxation.  I think it s o.k. to take off the studded snow tires now. There will be times in our lives when all we can do is keep moving forward. We must always remember to do little things each and every day that will bring happiness to you and those around you. Some of those days will be harder than others, but always remind yourself that you can and will persevere. Take some time this week to remind yourself of the small victories. Take some time this week to remind yourself of the many little things that can be done that would make a huge impact on your life. Take some time this week for those around you that only want your time. Enjoy and make the most of this week!
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First Fast Company and now the New York Times have begun to leak out the secret that Boulder CO is quickly becoming a hot bed for High Tech start ups.  Many entrepreneurs have called attention to the fact that Boulder CO has a much more supportive business climate.  Silicon Valley tends to be stuck in the old business model of reaching the top by stepping on the shoulders of your competition.  The Boulder community is still about success, but tends to lean more towards building synergy.

The 300 days a year of Sun and the ability to work hard and play hard have also been a big factor of allowing Boulder to begin to shed it's hippy roots and be known for more than Marijuana dispensaries and being one of the top rock climbing areas in the world.

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RE/MAX Alliance News 

I am very excited to announce we have a new management team at RE/MAX Alliance Longmont!  Tonya Deiter has agreed to be our manager and Steven Noel has agreed to be the back up manager (That is what I call an All Star team).  We also have identified a true "first class" person to help us with recruiting, but she has not quite given me the go ahead to announce who she is yet.  Stay tuned, the Longmont office just had an incredible door of opportunity open. Second, I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. As we prepare ourselves for a great week, let us keep in mind that what we choose to do with our time is completely up to us. We can choose to be in a great mood or we can choose not to. We can choose to focus on the…
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RE/MAX Alliance just implemented a new program to help build lead flow for our agents in Boulder Colorado. RE/MAX Alliance is teaming up with Automated Home Finder, Colorado premier home search website, to provide a strong source of leads for agents all along the Front Range of Colorado and Specifically Boulder CO Real Estate. After looking at different options RE/MAX Alliance decided if you can't beat them join them. has been the pinnacle of online search technology in Colorado for many years and truly provides the consumer the best search and user experience. We look forward to great things ahead with the new relationship both for the agents and for the consumer.


If you get a chance, be sure to watch the changes that will

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