May 2011

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Different concepts exist for land ownership terminology in property law, both for land that is owned outright and for land owned partially to certain degrees. Concepts and terms exist that also attach to land that is merely temporarily leased. Thus, the respective concepts of freehold and leasehold estates.

The term “estate” probably sounds old-fashioned to anyone who owns a house today. The term tends to conjure up mental images of large, expansive estates from the past. To some extent, there is truth to the assumption. American common law derives from England, and that includes laws about property that once related back to large, English estates of the past. The United States kept both their laws and much of their terminology as a result.

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A lot of terms that may sound complicated and be unknown to you can be thrown around by real estate agents and other knowledgeable players in the real estate industry. These property terms do not always speak for themselves, so they can be confusing to home buyers and sellers. Just the same, the more you understand some of these real estate terms, the higher the chance at success in your subsequent real estate transaction in Westminster, Colorado and surrounding areas. This list includes a pocket listing.

It’s probably pretty obvious that the United States real estate industry came up with this term. When the seller and his or her real estate broker agrees to sign a contractual listing agreement, it comes into play. Either an Exclusive Right to Sell or

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