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Monday Market Stats and Facts


List Price to Sales Price from a Buyer’s and Seller’s perspective.

As Buyers become more sophisticated one question I hear quite a bit is “what is the average List Price to Sales price for the market?”  Buyers will then use this number to justify an offer on a property.  I agree with Buyers that this is not a bad idea to gain an overview of what is the average built in for negotiations in any given market.  In the end it is going to be based on the given home and how well the Listing agent is able to communicate the value in the home to the other agent and their Buyer.  In the Chart below we have pulled the top selling brokerages in Boulder County and the findings are interesting when we look at original list price to

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We are always looking for ways to provide better marketing for our clients.   This past week I had the opportunity to spend a couple days with Jim Olenbush with Cantera Real Estate out of Austin Texas.  If I was a Seller in Austin I would seriously consider listing my home with Jim.  Jim's understanding of what is necessary in today's market to position a home properly from photography, to staging, to cutting edge online and social marketing channels Jim understands it all and implements from A to Z.  

We look forward to integrating in some of Jim's ideas to further increase or reach and exposure for our clients.  We are lucky to be in a business that is constantly evolving and it is nice to have innovators such as Cantera Real Estate and Jim

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How to get the biggest bang on your Colorado kitchen remodel



If you are thinking about remodeling your home for the best return on investment the Kitchen and Baths are good places to start. Since both areas can be a challenge to work on while you are in the home most buyers do not want to tackle the task themselves. Kitchens are especially expensive. Countertop and appliance replacement are usually a buyer’s prime concern and tend to be the area buyers focus. Cabinets are just as important, though, and arguably just as expensive. They can often account for between 50-70% of the cost of a kitchen remodel. As a result thinking through your design and cabinet choice can have a huge impact on the overall cost of the project.

There are three kinds

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Life Lessons From A U13 Boulder Girls Soccer Team


Life’s Lessons come from the strangest places.  As I look through my Facebook posts I see how wonderful everyone is doing, and how their kids are going to this state championship and that state championship.  Well, I do not think the Soccer Sisters will be going to any state championships with our 1-6-1 record, but these girls showed me how to be a winner in life.  That joy comes from playing the game, giving it your all no matter the outcome. 


It was one of those seasons where the chips just did not fall the Soccer Sisters way a missed shot here a score in the last 20 seconds there, but these girls kept their heads high.  As I watched these girls shake off adversity I learned how to

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baby_picture_420 Okay, so you’ve purchased that new home in Louisville, CO and the new kid is on the way. How do you make sure you’re providing a safe environment? As the saying goes, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” and nowhere is this truer than setting up your home for kids.

#1: Start from the ground up. In this case we’re talking about their crib. Examine the screws, slats and other parts to ensure that the crib is sturdy. Crib slats must not be more than 2 ¾ inches apart. Keep the crib clutter free; remove the toys when the baby is occupying it. Make sure that electrical cords and the cords of the window blinds are beyond the baby’s reach. Any of these items can be dangerous to your child. Never place a crib by a window where the child can climb

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