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Boulder Colorado is known for being a modern mountain community with forward thinking ideals.  The landscapes here are beautiful, the people are passionate and there always seems to be something going on that brings people from all over. Weather you are planning a day trip, taking an extended vacation, or looking to relocate Boulder is the perfect place to consider! With that being said there are many other fantastic communities surrounding Boulder that offer a similar styles of living but have their own specific benefits.

Louisville Colorado is a small but picturesque city located just east of the Rocky Mountains only minutes from Denver and Boulder.  This town has been recognized for its love and commitment to the community.  With a stable job market,

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In recent years Louisville, Colorado has made quite a name for itself, both on a national and state level.  This city has quickly become one of the most popular cities in the state and was even recognized by many national publications as the best place to live in the country. This of course has been long acknowledged by the residents who live in this fine community for a long time now.  Although many people think of Colorado as a cold and snowy state, we actually experience some of the most consistently beautiful weather in our nation with over 300 days of sunshine.  With spring in full swing already, residents of Louisville Colorado are getting out their calendars and making plans for one fantastic summer.  There are so many activities in, and around the

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Boulder Colorado is known to many outdoor enthusiasts as the mecca of all hiking, biking, cycling, and running. This is due to the cities unique, but united passion for these sports that can, at times be overly obvious.  For example, runners and cyclists can usually be seen traveling among the cars during regular commutes no matter where or when you travel through Boulder.  Even on the coldest of day, with snow on the ground, Boulder athletes are out from sunrise to sundown. The northern lands of Boulder offer athletes miles and miles of open space with nothing but picturesque views and fresh air.  But when venturing vertically into the mountains, Boulder athletes take hiking, biking, running, and cycling to a whole new level. In fact, many athletes

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Just like hiking, biking and camping; fishing in Boulder County is a very popular activity you can participate in all year round.  The natural landscapes of this large county encompass mountainous and flat lands that feature babbling brooks, roaring steams, lakes, ponds and many manmade reservoirs.  Outdoor enthusiasts and fisherman have ample opportunities to catch Bluegill, Black Crappie, Walleye, Trout, Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Yellow Perch as well as Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.  You can obtain your fishing license through the Colorado Division of Wildlife or through one of the sports retailers in Boulder.  License fees are as follows for residents of Boulder County: one day $9.00, five days $21.00, annual passes $26.00, senior annual $1.00,

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