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Average price per square foot for residential real estate in Lafayette Colorado for October 2012 was $192, which shows an increase in comparison to last year. Single family homes in the area saw a 6.1% increase from the same period the previous year with the median sales price of $325,250.  The average days in which for-sale homes are going under contract was an astounding 20 days, 76.2% faster than October 2011!

According to internet sources Louisville Colorado residental real estate goes for an average of $269 per square foot which accounts for a 42.3% increase in the duration of one year. The median sales price for single family properties in Louisville was $395,000 for October 2012.  This represents a 3.9% increase in comparison to 2011.  Year to

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The City of Golden has a history much like many other Colorado communities.  Real estate in Golden, Colorado was first established during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush of 1859 as a mining camp but now is a posh metro/mountain community.  Golden runs along Clear Creek at the far edge of the foothills and sits among several picturesque mesas. Most known for the Coors Brewery which has been around since 1873, Golden is a popular destination for locals and tourists.  If you are ever in the area be sure to check out downtown Golden and nearby neighborhoods such as Canyon Point, here you will find several fantastic restaurants and a bunch of shops.  Below are few of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat and beer in Downtown Golden Colorado!

The Old Capital Grill Golden ColoradoThe Old Capitol

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Thanksgiving Means…

Thanksgiving Day means a lot to me,
because it's time for sharing, love and family.

Although some may forget what it actually represents,
the pilgrims, the Indians, and gifts from past events,
to most it means a time to reflect,
and to remember those who are less fortunate.

The season comes fast with barely any time to spare,
so don’t blink or bicker, but rejoice in the whole affair!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, family and colleagues!

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The average price per square foot for a single family home for sale in Broomfield CO was $159 in October 2012.  This an increase of 1.3% compared to the same period last year. The median sale price for a single family home in Broomfield neighborhoods was $299,750 based on 331 year to date sales. Compared to the same period last year the median home sales price has decreased significantly.  With that being said the amount of time in which homes are sitting on the market before going under contract has decreased by an astounding 39.5%.  This is due to a 41% decease in inventory around the County of Broomfield.  

Conclusion: If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Broomfield Colorado these statics show that it is a good time for both.  Owners have

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October 2012 has show growth over the same period last year in real estate sales for the Town of Erie, the City of Longmont, and Boulder County’s Eastern Suburban Plains.  These areas of Boulder County attracted more buyers then last and saw increased sale prices. 

The median sale price for a home in Longmont Colorado was $229,950 for the month of October.  Although this reflects a slight decrease from the prior quarter due to seasonal market changes, it also shows an increase of 4.5% from 2011.  

In Erie Colorado for the month of October the median sales price of a single family home was $318,000.  This figure shows an increase of 9.8%, over last year although the number of home sales has decreased bit.

Longmont Erie Residential Statistics

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Boulder Market Dynamics - November 2012
It has been awhile since we have needed to use the “Sincere Request" plea, but the steadily declining inventory in Boulder County and along the Front Range of Colorado has brought this old tool to the forefront again.  As I was walking around the office today, several of our agents were looking at ways to go beyond the standard to find homes for their buyers.  Just checking the MLS every day is not enough when the market heats up.  You need to call other brokers, mail neighborhoods, and dust off the sneakers and go door to door.   

The chart above is a good indicator of why this is the case.  The monthly supply of inventory in Boulder has dropped close to 50% and in other markets we are seeing even tighter numbers.  The City of Boulder has moved to what

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The neighborhood of Frasier Meadows is located off Baseline Road west of Foothills Parkway in the housing market of Boulder Colorado.  This community features spacious mature residential lots, convenient shopping, easy access to US 36, and a lovely park.  Here are some pictures from a gorgeous fall day spent in Admiral Arleigh A. Burk Park at Frasier Meadows.

Frasier Meadows Boulder Colorado Admiral Arleigh A Burke Park Boulder Colorado


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As you approach Denver Colorado you are struck with amazing views of the city’s skyline. Traveling into the interior of the city, you can’t help but to notice some of the unique buildings architectural designs. Denver much like other American cities has a hodgepodge of history attached to its creation and the building of infrastructures. What was once almost completely unsettled prior to the 1850s quickly saw huge influxes of settlers chasing the Gold Rush to this region by 1859. Since that time and with funds from the railroads and that of wealthy gold and coal miners, Denver was built up from a small mining supply depot to the modern marvel it is today. I recently took a trip to Downtown Denver and was amazed by the mix of old and new, modern and

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