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White Walls Make Me CrazyIf you're like me, you probably grew up in a house where all the walls were white. So when I bought my own home, I decided I needed a little color in every room. What I thought would be fun and inspiring ended up being very challenging. Even though I knew I didn't want eggshell or anit-flash white, I just couldn't choose a color outside of a neutral palette without having anxiety. I would pick a color I thought I loved, bring it home, paint a sample and promptly decide I hated it. This went on for about a month and then I took a leap of faith.

Today my home has two caramel accent walls in the living room that features cathedral ceilings, one blueberry wall in the dining room, and two forest green walls in my son's room. Do I love these colors? Some I

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Luxury Condos Superior ColoradoJust outside of Boulder, Colorado there are several suburbs that offer a huge variety of affordable living options like condos, apartment homes, townhomes and multiplexes.  In the last year, sales of these kinds of properties in areas like Broomfield and Superior, have grown as many people want to purchase cost efficient homes that offer amenities and perks.

According to recent charts, the number of attached dwellings that were sold in Superior, Colorado during November 2012 is up 100% from the same period last year. Although there were 9 attached dwellings available for sale in November 2011 none sold.  This year, November saw 4 sales of attached dwellings with an average price of $206,050 and a median price of $220,100.  The number of active listings

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Cool KitchenAn important factor to most homebuyers for their new residence is the kitchen and its facilities.  This is because for most people the kitchen is the center or the heart of their home.  It is where most of your meals are lovingly prepared, homework and crafts are done, gatherings with friends and family take place, and if you’re like me, it’s the single most place you spend all of your time. Countless hours spent doing dishes and slaving over a hot stove no longer have to be however, because of the modern marvels that are available in home kitchen design today.  From eco-friendly materials and antimicrobial countertops, to industrial quality ranges and built-in cabinet appliances; modern kitchens can be a place of efficiency, productivity, comfort, and

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If you are considering buying a home in Boulder County, you definitely want to check out these stats!

Boulder Colorado HomeAccording to major online sources, the Boulder real estate market has seen an increase from the previous month in the average price per square foot, which was $299 for November 2012. The median sale price for a single family home in this area was $602,000, which indicates an increase of 12.4% over the same period last year.  Average sale price for single family dwellings in Boulder, Colorado was $683,271 for the month of November, which is also up by 9.3% from 2011.

Two of Boulder’s most popular communities, Gunbarrel and Newlands, show average listing prices of $442,572 and $1,056,733.

It’s been said before but it is worth saying again, real estate
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Drafty WindowAs the wind howls outside my window this brisk December afternoon in Westminster, Colorado; I find myself wishing I had better insulated windows. The house I live in is not that old but it still has the original single pained windows. I started looking up information and I was pretty surprised to find out I could be losing anywhere from 15-35% of my home's heat through outdated windows. No wonder my Xcel bill jumped $80 bucks last month! Anyway, here's some information about how to winterize your home's windows.

There many different ways to go about insulating your existing windows, some of which are temporary and cheap while others can be more expensive and permanent. If you suspect your windows are letting out costly heat here is what you should do.

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Class ToursMany families are busy about this holiday season touring potential schools for their soon-to-be high school students to attend next year as open enrollment is in full swing.  One of the  nations best school districts Boulder Valley offers several great school for schildren to attend.  Several of the high schools in the area offer unique programs that will prepare your children in different ways.  Boulder Valley open enrollment started Nov 26th and ends at 4:00pm on Jan 18th, 2013.  If you have not already been researching schools in the area it's a good idea to get started!  Here are some important details for the top Boulder Valley public high schools. Please contact BVSD at 720-561-5900 or with any questions.   Each student
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2013 is gearing up to be a fantastic year for the real estate industry, especially in Boulder County and other Front Range areas.  The predictions are numerous and strong that next year we will see large movements of renters becoming homeowners while home values continue to increase. 

Boulder County and surrounding municipalities offer residents top rate amenities, city service, and complete access to the outdoors.  Lifestyle options in the area vary, ranging from metropolitan to rural and feature a unique inventory of homes. With the real estate comeback not nearly in full swing, this spring/summer 2013 is sure to be sizzling in the Boulder/Denver area.

A solid indicator that it’s probably a good time to put your home on the market in Boulder

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Bass Pro Shop Denver ColoradoThe great wilderness of the Rocky Mountains and open plains offer Colorado residents with endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  In fact, the love of the outdoors and the desire to be closer nature is one of the main reasons why people lives and visit beautiful Colorado.  The outdoors culture is largely celebrated all over Colorado in a wide variety of sports like hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, mountain climbing, hang gliding, fishing, hunting, boating, competitive shooting, and off-roading.  Although there are several stores in the Front Range area that specialize in outdoor sporting goods, there is none quite like Bass Pro Shop’s Outdoor World in Stapleton Colorado, in northeast Denver.

This store has everything you can possible need for

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Absorption RateIf you are in the real estate industry you already know how significant the absorption rate is to buyers, sellers, and agents.  However if you are not familiar with this term, it is really worth understanding if you have any interest in buying or selling a home.

The absorption rate is a simple calculation between the total number of available homes for sale and the average number of sales per month. This figure shows how fast homes are selling in a specific market during a certain period of time.  The significance of these findings indicate how long it will take to exhaust the current inventory of homes for sale in a target market.

Typically, a high absorption rate means that homeowners will sell their properties in less time.  This factor is

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Mountain View Niwot ColoradoNiwot, Colorado is a small community, not quite a town or a borough, but a census-designated place or locality of Boulder County. Located just 10 minutes from Downtown Boulder and 5 minutes from the City of Longmont, Niwot spreads out over 4.1 square miles of old farm land.  The area is absolutely beautiful and features pockets mature cottonwood trees, majestic views of the Rockies, and of course the great open plains.   This cute and cultural community with a population of about 4,160 people, was named for the Arapaho Chief Niwot, who was a tribal leader during the 19th century in the Boulder area. Chief Niwot’s name means “left-handed” which is familiar to locals because of Boulder’s popular Left Hand Canyon and Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Company.

Niwot Colorado

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