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When thinking of "getting high" in Boulder, Colorado", Paragliding may not be the first thing to come to mind, but it should be. Boulder is very fortunate to have one of the top Paragliding instructors in the country, Granger Banks. You can visit Granger’s website at https://parasoftparagliding.com/. If you are interested in giving this exhilarating sport a try, there are several options for giving it a go.

The quickest way to introduce yourself to paragliding is to take a tandem flight where you are attached to the instructor and you fly together. Another option is to get your P1, a student pilot certification. When you get your P1 you spend a few days (20 hours+) learning and practicing ground handling, some classroom work, and finally you make

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NCAR Boulder ColoradoI recently took an awesome hike around the NCAR Building, one that I have never done before in Boulder despite my 10 year residential status on the Front Range. I mean, I have of course heard about NCAR and had driven up there, but I never explored the grounds beyond the parking lot views that overlook South Boulder, and boy was I missing out! I was so impressed by everything I saw and enjoyed being out there with my dog so much, I just had to write about it!

I found it refreshing to be out there in the solitude, while not being more than about 8 minutes away from our RE/MAX Alliance of Boulder’s Baseline office. Talk about convenience! I supposes this why the NCAR trailheads, Table Mesa Drive and NCAR Rd are so popular among Boulder cyclists and

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I know that kids are already getting ready to go back to school, but there is plenty of summer still left! Technically summer does not end until September 21st!!! Of course for most of us, once Labor Day passes it's officially over. So this means it's time to get it in gear and hit up all those fun family activities you have been meaning to do for the last 2 months. From taking a short day trip to The Wild Life Sanctuary or hitting up all those summer concerts you have been hearing about, there is still time during these long summer days for fun and adventure in and around Boulder, Colorado!

Check out our end of summer guide to fun for Boulder!

Youth Activities:

  • The Wild Life SanctuaryThe Wild Life Sancturary
  • The Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center
  • Dancing with
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ItalyBonjorno!  The Smith family recently returned from a fabulous, fun and adventure-filled trip to Italy.  Everything everyone says about Italy is true - it is a country that oozes with history, rustic charm, incredible beauty, and an extreme passion for living.    Italy is a wonderful country to visit because the people of Italy love community, food, beauty, and celebrate life to it's fullest every day.      From the mid evil Tuscan hill towns of Sienna, San Gimignano and Volterra, to the countryside filled with vineyards, to the scenic sea side towns of the Cinque Terra, and last, but not least, to the historically rich cities of Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy spreads it's charm and loveliness every place you encounter.  Richness in detail is seen…
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Fitness on the RocksLast weekend at Red Rocks Amphitheater, thousands of fitness nuts, health gurus, and a variety of other active folks came and enjoyed the 3rd annual Fitness on the Rocks mega event! This event has gained in popularity over the last few years and was expecting somewhere in the range of 10,000 attendees to show up over the course of only about 6 hours!

Known for being the single biggest fitness event in Colorado, Fitness on the Rocks featured several different areas where people, ages 12 and over, could participate in a ton of fitness workouts like Body Combat, Total Body Workout, Zumba, Yoga and Tug of War. These classes, which had over 4,000 plus participants, where fueled by high energy routines, adrenaline, good vibes, and of course lots and lots of

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Colorful Wind Chimes - From www. allyou.comThe long days of summer have tons of moms and dads out there scrambling to find interesting and exciting things for kids to do, beside sitting in front of their TVs, computers, video games and iPads. Studies show that kids who are active in things that keep their creative gears moving during the months when school is out of session, will have an easier time transitioning back into school mode once summer vacation is over. Beside sports and going to the pool, there are tons of other fun things you can do during the summer that will engage your child's creative side, no matter how old they are. Here are my three favorite creative outdoor activities for kids!

1. Create a Splatter Paint Art Project - This is a fun idea that can be a simple as flinging paint

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Open Arts FestThis weekend if you live anywhere around Boulder, I hope you are planning to attend the Open Arts Fest! This event is scheduled for Saturday July 20th, 2013 from 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday July 21st from 10 am to 5 pm on the Pearl Street Mall. This relatively new festival is a celebration of the local Boulder art scene and will showcase more than 100 artists from all over the country. Only in its 3rd year, the festival has received much praise for its focus and direct involvement of the community. This event is really a great way for the family to get out and get creative, while enjoying a beautiful day walking the Pearl Street Mall, you won't want to miss it!

The Open Arts Fest will host artists with a variety of talents from jewelry making and

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The Med Boulder ColoradoRecently my family went to lunch at the Mediterranean Restaurant in Boulder, or just “The Med” as locals call it, and had an outstanding time! Of course that was to be expected, because I always have a good time whenever I dine here! In fact, I would have to say The Med is my all time favorite restaurant in Boulder and the surrounding area. 

Although it had been a while since I was there last, everything was just as delicious as I remembered it being. What was once my hotspot for cocktails and tapas, was enjoyed this time around from a family friendly perspective that was affordable and quick! (My kid loved their made-to-order shrimp poppers and the play "pizza dough" they gave out!)

Even though I don't dine out as much as I used to, whenever I have

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Chautauqua BoulderOne of Boulder's special cultural gems is the Colorado Music Festival held every summer at the historic Chautauqua Auditorium. Currently under the direction of maestro Michael Christie, the festival is a vibrant and joyful way to experience classic, and occasionally modern, orchestra concerts in Boulder. The Colorado Music Festival (CMF) states that their mission is "To inspire and connect community members of all ages by providing access to the best of the world's music through education and performance." After attending a recent concert, we feel they have met and exceeded their mission!

ChautauquaThis summer talented artists including Lara St. John, Olga Kern, and Johannes Moser join the CMF to help create magic and delight on stage. "Together we will celebrate

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