December 2017

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This past year has been quite the journey for my husband Matt and me. We traveled back home to Florida for about six months to pursue a business opportunity with his family. We ultimately decided to head back to Colorado after learning that Florida actually wasn’t “home” any longer!  2017 has been a busy year of getting back into the swing of things.

Matt and I have experienced many exciting changes, including buying a new house in Broomfield this summer!  It feels awesome to be settled. We've really enjoyed being back in Colorado and have spent as much time as possible in the mountains.  We had the best time biking Crested Butte - what an absolutely beautiful mountain town!

I am thrilled to announce I am now a member of the BoulderHomeSource

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What an amazing year 2017 has been. First I want to say how grateful I am for all of you my family, friends, clients, coworkers, and loyal critters. Time flew and we had a few wonderful visits with the kids and grandkids. We were all able to connect in Durango and get the little short people together to enjoy the ‘Polar Express’. Later in May, we had a great adventure with visiting family during a snowstorm and three days of no power. Luckily we had plenty of food, firewood, and the laughter of the children to enjoy our ‘adventure’ at the mountain house.

Summer went by quickly with work, work, work, and a little time for some hiking and horseback riding. John created and nurtured a beautiful garden and fed many neighbors, families, and clients. We

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2017 was a very blessed year that brought many new adventures, new experiences, and new friends. Paxton, Sydnee, and I were able to travel to N.C. for our annual beach trip with the my family. We also did our share of traveling this wonderful state. We mountain biked in Fruita, camped at Lake Wellington, and traveled to Colorado Springs a couple times for some more biking and hiking. (What a beautiful place we live in). We also vacationed in Glenwood Springs on our way to pick up our new addition to the family....Axle! He has been running the house ever since. Paxton, Sydnee, and I were given the opportunity to watch the USA vs. Trinidad/Tobago soccer match at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. What a memorable event and fantastic venue.

I also had the

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2017 started out big!  Not to mention, 17 is my lucky number. . . Yes, I turned fabulous 50 this year and I have lived a wonderful life so far! I am forever grateful for the best friends, family, and clients I could ask for. 

My children, McKenna 21, Greyson 18, and Kreitler 14, are hitting milestones and entering great chapters of life. . . 
McKenna is in her junior year of college at CU and is busy with two jobs, a business internship, and still has time to commit to an active lifestyle including CrossFit, Mecha, Trail running and skiing.  I am grateful for her close proximity and her ever calm, steady demeanor, and kindness.  Greyson graduated from Boulder High and is taking a gap year, living in Milan, Italy. She is navigating a new culture and

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