September 2018

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Home Buying InformationBuying a home can be a lengthy process. At minimum, it takes a little over a month to find a home, make an offer and go through the escrow or closing process. At a maximum, buying a Wheat Ridge home may take years - years to find that just right new home. Knowing what to expect at each step of the process can help the home buyer to prepare for their upcoming home purchase.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Real Estate Professional

Most home buyers start the process of purchasing a home by finding a real estate professional. The real estate professional helps the buyer to view properties, make an offer, negotiate the price and hit all the

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Tips for More Effective Home ShowingsOpen houses or home previews (or "home shows") are an important component of how much a seller is offered for their home. Buyers of homes need to see the home before buying. And they do this through open houses or their agent previewing the home with them. These Westminster home previews or shows are a chance for an otherwise nondescript property to come alive in the minds of future buyers. They can be the difference between the asking price and an offer over the asking price. For those who would prefer a bidding war that ends in their favor, they may want to absorb a few theories behind a great home show.

The Great Outdoors

Sellers can improve their home shows by improving the exterior of the home and yard:

  • Plant greenery around the base
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4 Ways to Choose a Real Estate AgentWhen people start looking to sell a home, they need a real estate agent to help them navigate the process. But how do sellers figure out how which real estate agent will be right for them?

1. Prompt Communication

In a tight market (or even in a slow one), being able to show a Superior home, see an offer, and negotiate a response quickly is key. Sellers need an agent who can respond quickly to buyers' agents, and be generally available to answer seller questions. Everyone has unique needs in this area, so a seller wants to select an agent who is experienced and willing to use preferred modes of communication, at times that work well for both parties.

2. Understanding of Seller Needs and Expectations

A seller's agent is going to negotiate on

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