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How to Buy a Home When There's an Inventory ShortageThe decision to buy a home is part logic and part emotion. should should fit your financial and location needs, but it has to feel like home too. For the last two years Boulder CO real estate has been characterized by a shortage of inventory, limiting potential homeowners' choices in the market. You can still find your dream home in a tight market, you just have to be creative with the low inventory that is available.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Widen Your Search Area

You know exactly where you want to live. Exactly. Even if your heart is set on a certain area, looking just outside that area is a smart move. Many homebuyers find

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What to Do When You Get a Bad Home Inspection ResultWhen it comes time to buy a home, the home inspection may be one of the most important parts. A home inspection is meant to show buyers any damages or issues in the home that may not have been previously apparent. So what do you do if you get the results of the home inspection back, and they're crushing? Thousands of dollars in repairs, maybe tens of thousands. Your gut instinct may be to run from the property, but this might not be the best or most necessary decision. Take the time you need to get informed, and you will be able to make an educated decision on what route is best for you.

Request an Extension

When the seller accepts your purchase offer, you will negotiate a timeline that works for both parties. You may have expected that you would

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The Best Christmas Events in Boulder, CODuring the month of December, the city is decked out in festive holiday lights and it seems that everyone is bustling about to prepare for Christmas celebrations. Luckily, for those who live in Boulder and for those who are vacationing in the city, there's a plethora of unique Christmas events to enjoy. These events often lead to the kind of lifelong memories that people cherish for years to come.

Here's a list of some of the top Christmas events in Boulder, CO:

St. Nick on the Bricks

Every Saturday leading up to Christmas, the children of Boulder can head to the Downtown Boulder Visitor Information Center to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. These visits are free, and parents are welcome to bring their cameras to snap those priceless shots

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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Investment for YouInvesting in real estate is one of the most effective ways for an individual to diversify their portfolio. Illiquid assets in the form of rental properties or trusts can be exactly what a person needs to build assets and decrease risks. However, people may assume they don't have the time or the money to really devote to real estate and instead choose to concentrate on stocks or mutual funds. The good news is that there may be more options than an average investor realizes. To really get started, they have to learn more about the types of properties available to them, in Broomfield or elsewhere—before making a final decision.

Types of Real Estate Investments

Real estate is defined by how the land and buildings are used at the time of purchase.

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Everything You Need to Know About Private Mortgage InsuranceWhen a home buyer takes out a mortgage, one of the things the buyer may need to consider is the cost of private mortgage insurance (PMI). Knowing what PMI is, why it is necessary and how to get rid of PMI after enough time has passed can help home buyers decide how much money they can afford to spend on their future home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Is PMI?

Private mortgage insurance is an insurance policy to protect the lender in the event that the home buyer defaults on their mortgage payments. When payments stop, the insurance company pays the lender for the remaining balance. Private mortgage insurance is often a requirement

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The Best Bowling Alleys in Boulder COFor generations, bowling has been the perfect activity for people of all ages. It's a fun-filled way to enjoy a date with that special someone, and it's the ideal indoor activity to keep kids occupied during the long, dark days of winter. In Boulder and throughout the surrounding area, there are classic bowling alleys as well as innovative bowling entertainment centers for people to choose from.

These are the best bowling alleys in and near Boulder:

The Connection Bowling Alley

1669 Euclid Ave, Boulder, CO 80303

The Connection Bowling Alley is the only bowling alley located in the city of Boulder. It can be found at the University Memorial Center on the campus of University of Colorado Boulder. Featuring 10 bowling lanes, the alley is

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Happy Holidays!

Wow, where did 2018 go? It sure seems this past year has gone by faster than any other! It's been rewarding though as I've stayed busy helping my clients and friends with the buying and selling of their homes.

I've tried to incorporate some fun during the year as well with a couple of very memorable trips. I spent two weeks in Amsterdam visiting one of my best friends, visited family in Florida this summer and just returned from a fabulous birthday celebration in Napa Valley! 

As for real estate, our area continues to be one of the hottest markets in the nation with no slowing down in sight. With that, my husband and I decided to invest in a condo in Denver! We love everything Denver has to offer and we've really been enjoying

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Happy Holidays!

I am chock full of gratitude for so many reasons! I am so grateful for my connections with you, my friend and family, for living a life where I follow my heart and my intuition, full of compassion, ever optimistic, and for finding a wonderful balance between working hard and enjoying my time in nature on the trails all over Boulder and beyond, in Core Power yoga and spending quality time doing fun things with the people I love. I am truly grateful for being able to live a full life, and for sharing experiences and deep connections with my children, McKenna 22, Greyson 19 and Kreitler 15. I love them each so much, enjoy helping them navigate the world, and appreciate that they still love my being such an integral part of their lives.

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Happy Holidays!

Well another year flew by and it is hard to believe we are talking about the holidays now. I sure do love the snowy season and having time to be with family and friends in a season of giving, expressing gratefulness and time for quiet reflection.

Speaking of grateful this has been an amazing year for work and family life. I want to express my thanks to all of you that have been in my world because it is you that puts a smile on my face and why I am jazzed to get up and start each day. And you know ho you are because you are taking the time to read this!

2018 brought another special little gal into our lives. My newest granddaughter, who is a blessing like no other I have ever met. She is a keeper. Work life was filled with

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The Affect of Bad Credit on Home BuyingHaving a bad credit history does not necessarily mean you can't buy a home in Superior, Colorado, but the stark reality is that you probably will have to pay more than a borrower who has excellent credit. Although the legal period between bankruptcy filings is seven years, your credit report can be adversely affected for an entire decade. The key to realizing this elusive American dream is to spend a good deal of time researching all the various options you may end up encountering. Be sure to tour neighborhoods, Rock Creek for example, that fit your lifestyle as well as a home that isn't over your monthly budget, allowing you to add to your savings.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before

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