5 Tools Every Homeowner Needs in Their Toolbox

5 Essential Tools All Homeowners Must HaveWhen something breaks or a picture frame needs to be hung, homeowners require the tools to do so. Because of this, every homeowner needs to have a toolbox that’s stocked with all the most important things needed to take care of the minor maintenance jobs, or weekend DIY jobs, that may pop up in their day-to-day lives. For homeowners who haven’t thought about buying a toolbox for their home, here are some of the most useful tools to keep on hand.

1. Electrical Tape

While electrical tape may not seem very important at first, it’s important to take into consideration how many electronics are used every day. From microwaves to TVs to video game consoles, a lot of the things people rely on throughout the day require a plug and electricity. The biggest problem with this is when the plastic casing around cords gets old and breaks, exposing the wire inside. Instead of throwing out the entire device, it’s much more economical to wrap some electrical tape around the broken part so it isn’t a danger to anyone or anything that accidentally touches it

2. A Flashlight

Many different sources will tell homeowners that they should always have at least one flashlight on hand. Not only are they helpful in case the power goes out unexpectedly or during a natural disaster, but they also come in handy for everyday problems. They can be used to illuminate dark cupboards to look at pipes to check for leaks or in dark basements where a little extra light is necessary to see clearly. Homeowners should always include a flashlight as part of their toolbox, and a couple others around the home just in case.

3. A Set of Screwdrivers

When putting together furniture or just trying to get at the battery inside a toy or remote control, screwdrivers are a must. However, the problem homeowners run into when trying to choose which screwdriver to buy is the sheer number of different shapes and sizes available. No screwdriver can drive every screw, so homeowners should pick a set that has a lot of options to better prepare themselves for anything they may encounter. There are two main types of screwdriver: Phillips and flathead. Some kits have some of each, but others only have one or the other. Be sure to get either one kit that has both or two exclusive sets.

4. A Step Ladder

While a step ladder may not actually be able to fit inside a toolbox, it’s still an invaluable tool to have on hand in a home. Not everyone is naturally tall enough to reach every shelf or replace lightbulbs when they start flickering. A step ladder can be used to reach higher while dusting, painting, rearranging cupboards, hanging pictures, and more. And if the homeowner gets one that is foldable or collapsible, it can be put away in a closet where it doesn’t take up very much space.

5. A Rubber Mallet

Most Lafayette homeowners assume that one of the first tools they should buy is a hammer, and they would be correct. Hammers are extremely useful around homes, but they aren’t well suited to every job that requires pounding. Because of this, homeowners should purchase a rubber mallet as well in order to take on more delicate tasks like putting furniture together without breaking the wood or causing other harm to the pieces. It’s always good to have options, so a mallet is a good addition to any toolbox.

All homeowners should have their own toolbox and keep it somewhere it’s easily accessible. These five tools are a great place to start, but every homeowner has different needs. Be sure to check out a local hardware store to see what sort of tools are available for the home and build from there.

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