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The Best Sledding Spots in Boulder, COWell, we finally got some of the much needed snow we have all been craving this weekend, thank you Mother Nature! It just doesn't feel like home in Boulder, CO without snowcapped peaks and bundled up folks walking about. Happy to have white on the ground, Boulder residents can expect to get between 7-10 inches of snow today. Yay! So how are you planning to spend this snowy Sunday? If you are like most active snowbirds in Boulder you are more than likely going to get into your ski and snowboarding gear and head out for a day of sledding and adventure. Here is our list of the best place to sled in Boulder.

Sledding at Chautauqua Park

By far the most popular and well known sledding hills are those of Chautauqua Park. Located at 900 Baseline Rd, you

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Kids skiing in Colorado

I was a ski instructor for 7 years. It wasn't until my oldest were 6 and my youngest was 3 that we really got skiing as a family. It's a financial investment for sure but it is my favorite thing to do as a family so it's totally worth it. Living in Colorado gives us the opportunity to do things on the weekends other people save all year to do for one week.


By far the hardest part of skiing with kids is the cold, so why not ditch it? Shredder is a local indoor ski hill (think wet AstroTurf) that provides learn-to-ski classes for kids and adults. You can bring your own skis or rent there. At Shredder, new skiers learn how to put on equipment, turn, stop, and use the chairlift. All this without paying for a lift ticket, driving through the

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Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Your HomeFrom small urban apartments with quaint rooftop garden areas to large homes with ample property and plenty of room to roam, there are unique ways to construct an outdoor living space so that it is both functional and beautiful. Construction of an outdoor living space may help a homeowner sell thier home faster and for more money. These tips can help any property owner make the most out of their outdoor space, whether it is a front yard or a backyard.

Use Architectural Style for Inspiration

The outdoor living space should be seen as an extension of the home itself—as a way to blend the interior design with the exterior architecture. Those who are looking to design or create an outdoor living space should begin by taking a look at the architectural

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What to Know About Buying a Home Rent-to-OwnIf you're trying to sell your home in this economy, you probably know that finding a buyer who wants to pay full asking price will be difficult. In most cases, it seems like today is a buyer's market, where terms can be dictated to a seller. Among all the foreclosures, as well, buyers can have their pick of properties from which to choose.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Value of a Rent-to-Own Home Purchase

Some sellers are just relieved to be able to sell their home at all in a tight market. Some, on the other hand, really want to sell their home for what they believe it's actually worth, down market or not. If you're the latter,

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What to Know About Zoning When Buying Land For ConstructionSay you're interested in purchasing a chunk of property. You also need to be aware of various zoning laws and regulations within the area where you want to buy your house, aside from simply knowing the basics with regards to the house-purchasing procedure. Restricting your capability to do certain activities on the property or to use the land for specific reasons is what zoning laws and regulations do.

Types of Real Estate Zoning

Some of the most typical zoning kinds you'll encounter are explained below.

Residential Zoning

Residential zoning is first. Anybody interested in buying a single family home or any kind of apartment, duplex, trailer park, co-op, or condominium has to follow these laws. Whether you can place a mobile home on land or

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As you approach Denver Colorado you are struck with amazing views of the city’s skyline. Traveling into the interior of the city, you can’t help but to notice some of the unique buildings architectural designs. Denver, much like other American cities has a hodgepodge of history attached to its creation and the building of infrastructures.

What was once almost completely unsettled prior to the 1850s quickly saw huge influxes of settlers chasing the Gold Rush to this region by 1859. Since that time and with funds from the railroads and that of wealthy gold and coal miners, Denver was built up from a small mining supply depot to the modern marvel it is today. I recently took a trip to Downtown Denver and was amazed by the mix of old and new, modern and

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The Best Mother's Day Events in BoulderMother's Day is a holiday to celebrate the hardest working women in the world—moms. Each Mother's Day, visitors from across the country flock to Boulder to celebrate their mothers. Whether their mom lives in Boulder or they have brought their mom to the city to have a good time, they always find that there is something special to do to commemorate the occasion. In addition, local moms who live in Boulder find that they are many ways to enjoy their time with their families or to pamper themselves with some time off.

These are the best Mother's Day events in Boulder, CO:

Mother's Day Brunch

Brunch is the perfect meal for Mother's Day—it allows that special mom to sleep in and enjoy her morning, yet gives her a savory, sweet and fulfilling meal

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The Best Earth Day Events in Boulder, ColoradoAs a community that is passionate about outdoor recreation and active lifestyles, the residents of Boulder often come together to celebrate Earth Day. There are many unique happenings and events that center around this eco-friendly holiday. Here's a few of the 2019 Earth Day events in Boulder, CO:

Earth Day Birthday Party in Boulder

The Earth Day Birthday Party in Boulder will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 20 at McGuckin Hardware. It is a free, family-friendly event that will feature eco-friendly giveaways as well as product demonstrations. Some of the favorite activities at this event include the Seed Swap and the E-Go Mower demonstration. Event attendees will have the opportunity to explore and experience the various Earth-friendly

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Where Are the Best Boulder Easter Events?Looking to celebrate Easter in Boulder? Enjoy an Easter brunch, musical performance or outing with the kids and make some new Easter traditions. Explore some of the best Easter events coming up in Boulder.

Do More in Boulder

As the first signs of spring emerge, why not wander about and check out some of the most popular activities and events in Boulder? Get together and explore Pearl Street, The Flatirons and more.

Parents can get a few hours to themselves while keeping kids active. Parents Night Out on April 13th from 5-9pm is offered at ABC Kids Climbing. Kids that are 5 and up can climb, play games, eat pizza and enjoy a movie at this recurring event. Children are welcome to bring a sleeping bag with them to get cozy. Parents can take

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Best High ROI Home Improvements for Home SellersHomeowners often want to make home improvements to improve their homes while they live there. Other homeowners improve their property to raise their homes property value. Good home improvements are important when it is time to sell so hopefully, the home will sell for more money. However, some home improvements improve a homes value more than others.

In addition to preparing a home for sale, homeowners should consider which home improvements that have a high return on investment (ROI). The following high ROI home improvements are popular among homeowners who may want to list their home for sale.

Bathroom Addition

Lack of a second bathroom can be a big deterrent for most home buyers. Bathroom additions can be expensive, costing around $70,000.

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