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What to Know About Smart Home RenovationsSmart homes and their innovations include some of the coolest trends to come out of the home construction, interior design and technology industries today. Smart homes today are offering everything from driveway and mailbox sensors to waterless washing machines. The homes of the future are here. What once was only seen on episodes of The Jetsons has now become a reality. The whole idea surrounding a smart home is to make life easier and more efficient for the owner and with modern technology the sky is the limit. Popular companies like Xfinity are hopping on the band wagon and are ready to offer you smart home features. We have gathered some of our favorite options available in smart homes today.

Harnessing the Power of Smart Technology


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How to Successfully Renovate Your HomeIf you are considering selling your home, you may want to think about putting in a bit of work to improve its value before hand. There are some home improvement projects that will net more value than others. These would be the first projects you want to look into. Getting your home to a move-in ready condition will increase its attractiveness to potential buyers. As the market begins to pick up, this will help to make your home stand out above the rest of the properties in your particular price range. It is important to remember that when you are doing these renovations, repairs, and upgrades that they should appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers and not necessarily your own personal preferences.

Budget Home Improvements For Homeowners


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All About Documents Related to the Sale of Your HomeThe home selling process involves a lot of paperwork. Documents are used in every step of the way to ensure that both parties involved in the sale have clarity and understanding of the purchase being made. Knowing what documents to anticipate will be used can help sellers understand and prepare for the process. Here's what you need to know.

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Home Inspection Reports

Before listing their home for sale, some homeowners may get a home inspection. After coming to see the home, the inspector will produce a report detailing the condition of the property. The report will identify problems big and small. The

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What to Know About Reverse MortgagesGetting a reverse mortgage is the most excellent choice you could have if you are a senior within the United States with dreams of home ownership. The idea of needing to make monthly mortgage payments can appear daunting at this time and in this economy. As you grow older and near retirement age, this is particularly also accurate.

Reverse mortgages require small to no advance payments, which is one of the reasons that make them great. The homeowner will not even have to come up with a payment until after his death oftentimes. People who foresee owning an estate that can make home loan payments but who may not have the cash to presently make payments are who these kinds of mortgages are subsequently perfect for.

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The Essential Toolbox For New HomeownersAll homeowners are going to have to perform some modifications are simple fixes around their home at some point, whether they expect it or not. When it comes time to do a job, whether it’s hanging up a picture frame to show off man’s best friend or just doing a quick fix to prevent a pipe from leaking until a professional plumber can take a look at it, every homeowner needs to have a toolbox handy to do their own repairs around the home. But what should a homeowner put in that toolbox? Here are some of the essential tools everyone should have ready to use in their home.

The Basics: Hammers and Screwdrivers

When people think about a toolbox, their minds automatically go to hammers and screwdrivers. These are useful for just about any maintenance

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The Top Boulder CO Hiking PathsHiking is a favorite activity among those who live in Boulder, and it's a popular option for tourists who come to the city hoping to get away from their own busy schedules and hectic lives. With more than 155 miles of trails in the city, there's no shortage of options for new and experienced hikers.

Here are some of the best hiking trails to enjoy in Boulder:

Dry Creek Trail

The Dry Creek Trailhead is the best place to access the Dry Creek Trail. This trail spans one mile long, and runs primarily through the grasslands. Along the trail, hikers will be hiking parallel to a pristine creek, offering some of the most peaceful and beautiful views in the city. This trail is ideal for beginners, but it is also enjoyed by experienced hikers. Dogs are

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Popular Flooring Materials You Should UseWhen renovating a home, it may be a good idea to consider a new floor. There are many different varieties that can fit a wide array of different lifestyles and needs, but some homeowners may be left wondering how to pick the one that is best for their home. For those homeowners, her are five of the most popular different flooring options for homes and how they can be bet be used.

Installing Carpet Flooring

For homeowners who like a floor that is easier on their feet, carpet has always been a popular option. It comes in just about any color or pattern, so it can easily fit into nearly any living room or bedroom, and it can also fit nearly any budget. The biggest downside of carpet is that it has a tendency to hold in allergens, so people who are

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Your Guide to the Foreclosure ProcessFew people voluntarily go into foreclosure. This is often a difficult process and emotionally taxing, but knowing what is to come can ease stress and uncertainty for the borrower. What should an individual or couple going through the foreclosure process know?

Understand more about the foreclosure process to prepare for the future today.

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Why Do People Go into Foreclosure?

A person may go into foreclosure for multiple reasons. This may result from circumstances including:

  • Job loss or transfer
  • Expensive maintenance issues
  • Divorce
  • Excessive debt
  • Medical issues impacting one's ability to work


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How to Time Your Home Sale EffectivelyThe most common question I'm asked is, "When is the best time to sell my home?". Here is your answer, whether you're in Boulder or have a home for sale in Broomfield the best time is... spring! Anytime from late February through April is the best time to list your home. Here is why:

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Peak Home Selling Season

The peak of real estate season is usually early summer in Colorado. Many families wait until the end of the school year before listing their home. So in late May and early June, buyers will notice an influx of homes for sale in neighborhoods such as Anthem, The Broadlands as well as others.

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All About Saving Money for the Down PaymentAmassing a down payment is one of the major hurdles that future home buyers must clear before they can buy a home. Many home buyers will save for their down payment for years, particularly in expensive markets. Renters who would like to become home buyers some day can start by finding out what they can about down payments and make their plans to have the money when the time comes.

What's the Minimum Down Payment For A Home?

The minimum down payment for a home can vary depending on the type of loan the buyer intends to borrow. FHA loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5%, while conventional loans require a minimum down payment of 20%. People who borrow money through the FHA lending program and who have a poor credit history may need to make a

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