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I know it is going to be a good day when I open up my email and Steamboat is sending out emails that they just received 14" of new snow. I always laugh in Boulder, today it is negative 4 degrees, but only 4 days ago it was 54 and sunny and I was riding my mountain bike. So today we think about skiing and maybe taking advantage of steamboats, tomorrow it will be time to get back on the mountain bike and enjoy another sunny day.

Here is a typical weekend in Boulder:

1. Wake up and mosey over to Vics for a cup of Coffee.
2. Head to Callie's 4th grade girls YMCA Basketball game. Go Huskies!!!
3. Hop on the mountain bike for a ride from town up and over Poorman.
4. Get home in time to take the kids to the local theatre show of Narnia.
5. Meet some friends at

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As we look over the historical data from 2004 one of the stronger factors that has allowed our market to weather some of the fluctuations experienced in other markets is our balance of inventory.  As the demand for housing has decreased throughout Boulder County over the last couple years we have seen a significant decrease in inventory as well, compared to the peak of May 2006.  It will be very telling to see what is in store for 1Q of 2009.  I think it will be a very strong indecator of the year ahead.

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January 164 5.29 61 1.97
February 203 7.00 70 2.41
March 284 9.16 118 3.81
April 305 10.17 139 4.63
May 342 11.03 146 4.71
June 366 12.20 139 4.63
July 380 12.26 169 5.45
August 324 10.45 142 4.58
September 254 8.47 111 3.70
October 228 7.35 75 2.42
November 123 4.10 47 1.57
December - - - -
TOTAL … 2973 8.9 1217 3.64
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As I look back to June and remember everyone sitting around the dinner table explaining how the good times where over and we would just have to learn to live with the new prices and that we needed to make major changes if we were going to survive.  Of course we were talking about Gas prices:


Well times have changed and we now have the lowest fuel prices in 20 years when calculating in inflation.  Hopefully we learned our lesson with the higher prices and continue to seek out greener pastures.  We shall see:) 

Fuel prices are a great view into the markets as a whole.  if we went back six months ago the "experts" were all telling us we would never see oil below $100 again.  Guess what the talking head were wrong.  We will see the same happen in the

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The 2008 real estate market can most aptly be characterized as one of dynamic change. The future will be noticeably different than the past. In the past, home owners relied on real estate to build net worth over time through appreciation. In the future, real estate will be viewed as a means for creating equity through debt reduction i.e. paying off the mortgage(s). Double digit annual increases in home values won't be a part of the economic equation for a number of years (if ever again).

     Once the housing market digs itself out of this bank foreclosure/short sale scenario it currently wallows in, real estate buyers will still take a cautious look at what they are purchasing. The days of multiple offers, driven by lower mortgage interest rates, will

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