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Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 8:45am.

Boulder is the county seat of Boulder County and the 11th most populated city in the state of Colorado.  It is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at an attitude of 5430 feet and 25 miles northwest of Denver.  According to the Census bureau report of 2010, the population of the city of Boulder was 97,385 while the population of the Boulder Metropolitan Statistical Area was 293,161. Boulder is famous for being one of the most liberal cities in Colorado, its colorful Western tradition and home to the University of Colorado.

Boulder frequently ranks highly when it comes to rankings based on factors such as quality of life, well-being, health, education and culture.  A Gallup-Healthways poll, which was a large study of American attitudes and lifestyle, reached the conclusion that Boulder was the best location in America for quality of life and general well-being.  This is significant when you look at the elements of happiness such as health.  Out of 162 large and medium American cities, Boulder ranked No. 1 in overall well-being and work experience, No. 4 in healthy behavior, No. 7 in physical health, No. 10 in access to basic needs for a healthy life and No. 27 in emotional health.

Boulder is surrounded by more than 36,000 acres of open space for recreation and preserves dedicated to nature.  There are plenty of world-class hiking trails throughout this open space, and they vary in difficulty from easy to challenging.  Mountain biking on single track is also available and North Boulder is the most popular starting point.  You can find world-class rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon which has hundreds of routes available.  Boulder is also famous for its bicycle culture and has created hundreds of miles of bicycle paths and lanes that interconnect to create a network that is usable throughout the year.  It has also created 74 underpasses that facilitate safe travel without interruptions.

Boulder also has a vibrant and lively cultural activity atmosphere.  For instance, when it comes to music you can take your pick from classical music, to jazz and pop from casual street performances, to formal concerts performed in venues such as Macky Auditorium.  Established in 1958, the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra is a professional orchestra that is admired for its quality and its interesting programming.  In addition, in the second week of January every year, Boulder plays host to the Colorado MahlerFest at the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado.  This is a celebration of the music of the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler.

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