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2018 was filled with wonderful adventures and rewarding achievements, which supported and provided me the energy to work with so many amazing people.

We traveled to Costa Rica, for the first time, to celebrate my sister's 30th wedding anniversary, with her family. It was a beautiful vacation that resulted in many lifetime memories (snorkeling, zip lining, deep sea fishing, etc.). I look forward to returning soon. 

I also traveled to California to participate in my buddy Noels' wedding in Muir Woods. Noel is the same friend who introduced and convinced me to do an Ironman. Noel and I met another friend Jeff, in Arizona last November, where we completed the 2017 Arizona Ironman. Paxton and Sydnee came with me and cheered me through the entire

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2017 was a very blessed year that brought many new adventures, new experiences, and new friends. Paxton, Sydnee, and I were able to travel to N.C. for our annual beach trip with the my family. We also did our share of traveling this wonderful state. We mountain biked in Fruita, camped at Lake Wellington, and traveled to Colorado Springs a couple times for some more biking and hiking. (What a beautiful place we live in). We also vacationed in Glenwood Springs on our way to pick up our new addition to the family....Axle! He has been running the house ever since. Paxton, Sydnee, and I were given the opportunity to watch the USA vs. Trinidad/Tobago soccer match at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. What a memorable event and fantastic venue.

I also had the

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