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Homeowners usually want to have a backyard and patio that is comfortable, chic and inviting.  For most, this space is thought of as an extension of their home and can actually add to the value of your property.  Especially with the modern technologies that are used to manufacture outdoor decor and furniture it is easy to find patio designs that will stand up to all Mother Nature can through our way.  If your outdoor living space is not exactly what you would like it to be, here are some suggestions and pictures we hope will inspire you to jazz things up a bit.

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The first thing when it comes to making your patio a pleasurable place to hangout is to control its temperature.  Adding awning and umbrellas to offer shade in the hot months is great, but you can also step it up a bit by adding misters.  Likewise heaters or patio fireplaces are an easy way to extend the life of your patio and make it comfortable for fall and winter use as well. Next, you need to consider your outdoor lighting options. Having the ability to control the level of light can help to create the perfect atmosphere and will make your space inviting.

Using comfortable seating and having enough of it will also help to make your outdoor living space more usable especially when company comes for a visit. There are many different kinds of outdoor furniture available these days made from a variety of materials like cedar, redwood, wicker, weather proof plastics and powder-coated metals.  It is important when decorating your patio that you use décor which is specifically designed for outdoor use and is resistant to warping, shrinking, decay, insects, and moisture.

Furthermore wiring your patio for entertainment purposes like televisions, speakers, and internet can also help to bring people out into the space more frequently.  Of course, with technology today many of these features can be installed using wireless connections. Lastly, adding an outdoor kitchen or wet bar to your patio is also a fantastic means of making it an extension of your home.  Generally, most people feel a patio is not complete unless it features at least a grill but this is just the start as far as outdoor kitchen are concerned.

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