Boone: A Story of Rescue

Posted by Gabrielle Fuqua on Monday, February 16th, 2015 at 1:54pm.

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This story comes from BoulderHomeSource agent Barb Passalacaqua. Barb volunteers weekly at the Boulder Humane Society and has great ideas for successfully showing homes with pets.

"As a long time, committed volunteer if Boulder Valley Humane Society, I help take care of all of the wonderful dogs who are up for adoption every week.

One day I walked a dog who was a mess:  he was an 8 year old obese Chocolate Lab who was recovering from kennel cough, ear infections and a tick infestation.  Even with all these problems, he was incredibly sweet and had a huge zest for life.  I took him on a hike the following weekend through their Tails On Trails program.  I stopped by my home to let Boone meet my husband.  The next day we brought him home to join our 3 rescued Jack Russell Terriers.

Boone became my project:  I started running and hiking with him and eventually he lost 20 pounds!  At age 11, he was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma...aggressive cancer.  We made the tough decision to amputate his hind leg. The prognosis was maybe 5-12 months more of life.  With his incredible will to live and love, he lived on to the age of 15!

We have many humorous stories of Boone.  Mostly he taught us to embrace life and focus on the joy of living and loving. Boone will live in our hearts and minds of minds forever!"

If you are looking for a new companion consider going to Boulder Humane Society to meet Beans.

Beans has a great little dance in his step! Beans has been become a bit sensitive to touch that he finds uncomfortable or just a bit forward for a first meeting, so he appreciates people that take some time to make friends before they assume they can pick him up and rub his tummy. Once you're buddies, though, Beans will dance all around your feet and throw himself into your lap! Due his need for some patience while he gets to know you, at this time HSBV will only rehome to a family with children aged 10 or older.

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Nate Burger wrote: This is a great story. Adopting a shelter dog or cat is something everyone should do, experience, and learn from. These animals are the best companions, and as Barb said- they really teach you to enjoy life.

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 1:59pm.

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