Boost Your Screen Appeal to Sell Your Home in Boulder

Boost Your Screen Appeal to Sell Your Home in BoulderIf you are planning to sell your home in Boulder, preparing it to appeal to your ideal buyer is a key to success. One of the most important elements of this preparation is considering your home's screen appeal. 

Just like curb appeal, screen appeal matters because it's the first impression most of your buyers will get. Here's what you need to know about screen appeal, why it matters, and how to maximize it. 

What is screen appeal?

Screen appeal encompasses the visual presentation of a property in online listings, including photographs, virtual tours, videos, and descriptive content. It is the digital equivalent of curb appeal, aiming to capture the interest of potential buyers from the moment they see the property on a screen.

Why does screen appeal matter?

In an era where most homebuyers begin their search online, the importance of a strong first impression cannot be overstated. Listings with high screen appeal are more likely to attract clicks, leading to increased interest and potential offers. A property that looks attractive online is going to garner far more engagement and interest. 

The Boulder real estate market is highly competitive, with numerous listings vying for buyers' attention. A property with strong screen appeal stands out among countless others to give it a competitive edge. High-quality visuals and engaging content can make a significant difference in how quickly a property sells and at what price.

If you put yourself in your buyers' shoes, it's easy to see how powerful screen appeal is. With dozens or even hundreds of listings to scroll through online, your buyers are going to shop with their eyes on a website before they ever decide to see your home in person. Even if they are coming to an open house, most buyers will at least quickly check out the online listing of the open house first.

How can I boost my Boulder home's screen appeal?

According to home sale expert Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure there are three things you can do to dramatically increase your chances online clicks from potential buyers.

"Marketing homes is not rocket science yet many agents don't put in an adequate amount of effort to make their listings standout among other properties. One of the most vital aspects of selling homes is your photography. The first showings are online, not in person. If you blow the photography you're behind the eight ball right out of the gate.

I highly recommend a professional take the photos. The difference is night and day between an agent using their phone to take pictures. Sadly, many agents do this and their clients don't check up on them diligently enough. The second essential aspect is writing compelling listing descriptions. Photography and detailed descriptions go hand in hand in real estate sales. Nobody will read your description if the photos are lousy. However, when the photos stand out potential buyers will want to learn more.

Lastly, you can round out a buyers experience by providing a video tour, especially for higher-end properties. A video allows buyers to see more intricate details about a home."

We will help to connect you with real estate photographers, interior designers and stagers, and other pros who can recommend the subtle changes that might help your home be more photogenic. Rearranging furniture, increasing natural light, and simple decluttering can go a long way to allow your home to shine in online listing photos and videos.

Ready to learn more about how to maximize your screen appeal and other tips for selling your home in Boulder? Contact us any time to find out how our years of expertise can be leveraged for your success. 

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