Boulder Colorado's School of Natural Cookery

Posted by on Monday, October 28th, 2013 at 8:06pm.

Logo Courtesy of the School of Natural CookeryBoulder, Colorado is known for many things like green living, educational opportunities, hippies, outdoor adventure, fitness and of course, a thriving local economy.  In addition, Boulder is also known for its unique culinary scene, which has fully embraced the gluten free, vegan, raw, vegetarian, and all natural cooking trends that so many people all over the world are finding to be beneficial.  In perfect harmony with these lifestyle choices, Boulder is also the home of a professionally accredited vocational culinary school called the School of Natural Cookery.

Picture Courtesy of the School of Natural CookeryThe School of Natural Cookery's mission is to provide a training environment that shows home cooks, as well as professional chefs, how to “make healing whole foods [taste] absolutely delicious through a simple process of systematic understanding that also nourishes the cook.” They aim to teach the intuitive art of cooking “without recipes” in an effort to create delectable dishes using on hand ingredients that can be tailored to any dietary need or type of cuisines. Believing in the use of only the freshest, most whole, and organic ingredients, the School of Natural Cookery is on the forefront of Boulder’s unique and diverse culinary scene. The school’s concentration is on plant-based vegan cuisine, but the techniques taught in the classroom kitchen setting and in their online at home cooking courses can be applied to a wide range of cooking techniques and career goals.

The main focus of the School of Natural Cookery is on their truly unique training systems called The Natural Cook.  In this program they teach home cooks and chefs how to select ingredients with value (nutrition) and how to prepare them with the simplicity of home-style cooking.  This outside of the box approach to the culinary arts is a much more organic, or natural, process than classical culinary teachings that strictly rely on recipes.  Dubbed as a form of lifestyle training, the Natural Cook program at the School of Natural Cookery not only aims to elevate your relationship with the food you eat, but it also empowers the lifestyle choices many natural foodies are making every day!

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