Boulder County Homes experience an increase of 66% in number of Sales Per Day

Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 8:03pm.

Boulder County Home Sales experienced a 66% increase in November 2009 over November 2008 Sales. In November 2008 Boulder County had 6.1 Sales per day for Single-Family Homes and Attached Dwellings combined. In November 2009 this number grew by 66% to 10.13 sales per a day. The current number are more in line with the numbers we were experiencing for the same time period back in 2006, prior to the rug being pulled out from under the financial markets.

The November numbers are a nice reference point when we take into consideration we experienced a very stable market with upward trending for September and October as well. It is still a little early to tell if this is just a bump prior to another adjustment or are we truly at the bottom and beginning to climb back up. But it also is interesting to note that when I wrote about The Fall of Lehman Brothers on September 13th how the numbers are starting to align with that blog.

I look forward to reflecting back at the end of Q1 2010 to get a full picture of where we are in the cycle. My prediction is we will continue to see the positive trending fueled by the tax credits, pent up buyer demand, and all time low interest. A couple great links to areas that are starting to see strong real estate sales growth in Colorado are:

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