Boulder Real Estate Through April 2012

Posted by Greg Smith on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 11:29am.

Yesterday we looked at market conditions in Longmont, Colorado today we are looking at the City of Boulder, Colorado.  Even thought Longmont and Boulder are both located in Boulder Valley they can have very different characteristics especially over the last 5 years.  For the the first quarter of 2012 it appears Boulder Real Estate and Longmont, Colorado real estate are running with similar patterns.  

The Market action index for Boulder is already hitting above 19.  Last year the market peaked in June so we should have some additional upside and may see our highest Market Index Rating in the last 3 years.  These are similar patterns to Longmont, but Longmont has shown strength over the past couple years where the city of Boulder has been fairly low.

Boulder is also experiencing a renewed enthusiasm for mid to higher priced homes.  Since May of 2011 Median price has risen from the $610,000 to the $754,000 range.  This is a similar pattern that we saw in Longmont Real Estate numbers yesterday.  

Based on our analysis over the past couple days it does appear the Boulder Valley Real Estate is improving and is following a traditional pattern of moving from the bottom up.

Greg Smith

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