Boulder Summer Activities: 2012

Posted by Greg Smith on Friday, July 6th, 2012 at 11:01am.

Boulder is one of the most active cities in the nation which is extremely obvious during the summer months as the city is usually teaming with people. In fact, it has been named the number one sports town in America by Outside Magazine.  For people who are familiar with the area, this only seems like a natural choice since bicycles are almost as common as cars! Of course the great thing about Boulder is that there is not only a ton of stuff to do in the mountains, but there are also plenty of things going on downtown and out east as well.

Pearl Street in Boulder is the heart of the city and is the most visited place in the city. This pedestrian mall is lined with restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, bars, galleries, and boutiques and offers a full of day of activities.  A lazy stroll during the day offers many things to see including street performances, musicians, beautiful art, amazing architecture, picturesque scenery, and diverse cultures.  The amazing food that can be consumed within the few blocks that surrounds the Pearl Street Mall ranges from street style and brew houses, to fusion and world-class gourmet cuisine.  As the sun sets behind the Rocky Mountains, the rooftops fill up with patrons looking for local beer and tasty eats. Once night has fallen and most of the families have gone home, the mall takes on another form as a more adventurous crowd comes out to play.  The typical scene then is packed bars and dance clubs overflowing onto the streets, while busy taxi-cabs bustle about.

Hiking, biking and climbing are the most popular outdoor activities that bring people into to Boulder Colorado.  This is of course because of Boulder’s primo location nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Just minutes from the downtown area there are hundreds of trailheads that lead you all over the Rocky Mountain Range.  Mostly hiking biking and climbing can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts at just about any trailhead.  Some are more popular than others for each activity, but all are used regularly even during the colder months. Popular trailheads near downtown Boulder include Sanitas, Chautauqua, and Table Mesa.  These trails branch off in all different directions and range from moderate, to extremely challenging.  Maps can normally be collected at the beginning of the trailhead which will give you a good indication of what you are getting into.

Boulder Reservoir is another fun place to visit.  It is located on the North side of town on 51st just off Jay Road.  The park is open year round and is normally very busy during the summer weekends. Boulder Res, as it is called by locals, is not only a great place swim and boat, but there are also many different camps, activities, and events hosted there as well.

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