Buying Real Estate in a Qualified Plan

Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 at 8:39am.

It is amazing the amount of clients that are asking us how to buy real estate in their IRA or 401K.  Many of our clients think this is a new and exciting opportunity especially with the volatility being expressed by the traditional investments opportunities.  In fact the IRS has allowed real estate to be held in investment umbrellas since the mid 70’s.  It is just coming to a head recently because investors are realizing that an investment that can produce a 7 to 10% after tax return or more that you can drive by and touch may not be a bad idea. We share the excitement of our clients and have decided to invite Jennifer Dizmang an expert in educate our clients on the opportunity.  We will be having her speak at the Spice of life in Boulder on February 26th from 6:30 to 8:00.  Just give Nicole a call at 303-499-9880 to register.  The cost is $45.00, but we will be picking up the registration fee for our clients Here is the description of the course: 

How to Buy Real Estate in a Retirement Plan:  This course teaches how the IRA or 401K can invest in rental property, land, foreclosures, mortgages, tax liens, and many other non-traditional investments.  Jennifer shows you how you and your clients can buy property and other cash flowing investments in a retirement plan so that all profits and gains can be tax free or tax deferred which helps to build greater retirement wealth, faster.  She also covers the prohibited transaction rules that are mandated by the IRS in an understandable and humorous way.

Greg Smith

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