Cabins are just cool.

Posted by Greg Smith on Friday, January 20th, 2012 at 8:07am.



Much to my wife's chagrin I have the desire to one day build and live in a 600 sq foot cabin.  When everyone else is walking around IKEA I am sitting in the 450 Square foot house thinking this would be just perfect.  Their is just something special about a small home.  Everything has a place and is within easy reach.  

It is not uncommon for Cyndy to come down at night and say what are you doing on the computer.  "You are looking at the site again!" I have to embarrassingly admit "yes."  For those of you who suffer from Small house addiction like me, be sure to visit  It will truly stimulate the brain juices and allow for hours of blissful dreaming.

The photo of the cabin by Trevor Curtin of Grandfather Oak Carpentry looks like pure happiness in the woods!

Whoops have to go Cyndy is coming.

Greg Smith

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Jesse wrote: Man I really dig your cabin and what you have to say about the whole small house living movement. Its true. I live in Raleigh North Carolina now. I've been here for about 4 years. I bought a house in 2008 and with that i inherited a world of financial bullshit!!! My HOA and property tax comes to $225 a month, every month, every single month. That's $2,700 a year wasted. So on top of the $700 mortgage and the 7 bills in my name I have decided to move back out to Washington state where I lived in the military and buy some land and build from ground up a bad ass small cabin type house for under about 15K. I have been reading endlessly about how to do this, different style small houses, the right budget to put myself in. I just want to live in something that is paid for , no more mortgage and bills!!! I belong off the grid, independent of the endless attachments owning a houses requires when you have insane debt. Anyhow, good luck and best wishes with the pad.


Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 9:27am.

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