ChaRM Located at "Recycle Row" in Boulder

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The 1.5 mile boulevard of recovery facilities found in East Boulder has received a new member recently. CHARM or the Eco-Cycle's for Hart-to-Recycle Materials has moved to 6400 East Arapahoe Road. After 34 years at 5030 Pearl Street, this center will now call "Recycle Row" home in Boulder, Colorado.

ChaRM can recycle all types of materials including: Books, Bike Inner Tubes, Yoga Mats, Styrofoam, Toilets, Electronics and more!

This center will join the long stretch of other facilities able to recycle a number of different materials. There's a yard waste drop-off area, a full-blow recycling center and even a household hazardous materials facility located on this stretch in Boulder.

Recycling is on the rise in Boulder. In 2009, about 40% of Boulder residents recycled. This rose to 47% in 2011. "Recycle Row" provides an easy place to take all types of materials and the idea is to make it easier for residents to recycle. With reuse and recycling facilities lining this area, there's no reason to drive all over the city.

The new location for CHARM isn't much larger than the old facility, but it will be able to configure it in a more efficient way. The old facility was outside, but the new location will have a roof.

The major goal of CHARM, with the new facility, is to be able to accept more materials, such as old furniture, carpet and mattresses. They plan to pay attention to any item you cannot currently recycle at the facility.

Even with the move, CHARM expects to see many of the same types of people bringing in items. Many of the workers have put in overtime to get the facility ready. It's now open and once again, ready to provide recycling for the needs of residents and businesses in Boulder.

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