Cleaning Tips That Will Really Make Your Home Shine!

Cleaning Solutions For Your HomeIs clutter carrying you away? Leaving you dazed and confused in the midst of it all? Here are some easy solutions from organization to decluttering.

Organizing Clutter

Contain It And Label it

Baking supplies are a big space eater. Label two storage tubs, one Frosting Supplies and the other Baking Supplies. If it doesn't fit in the box it goes. The boxes stack for easy access and keep everything dust free and all together.

Queen Basket

In the movie "The Queen" her assistant places items for her Majesty in the "Queen Basket." Adapt the royal inspiration into a 4 inch deep letter size basket by your front door. Sunglasses, cell phones, unopened mail, random stuff, goes there until the weekend when you can deal with the items. It's limited space you touch often since daily supplies are stored there. This keep bills from getting away, countertops clear and makes things easy to find.

Clothing Management

Cleaning Solutions For Your HomeHang all your clothes with the hanger facing the wrong direction. When you put them back hang them correctly. Now you know exactly what you wear and exactly what you can let go of. If it hasn't been turned around in a year, let it go!

One Of Everything

Clearly one of everything doesn't work for say... socks. However, 3 pairs of pink socks is probably excessive. Where this really makes a difference is in the kitchen. How many knives do you really need? How about platters, tupperware, cups? Keeping a limited supply keeps the dishwasher working while making it easy to access things and put them away.

Only Keep What Fits

Here is where we really wrangle the chaos. Socks seem to be the go to example. You have one drawer for socks. Keep as many socks as fit in that drawer. Period. Same goes for pens and silverware. You only have so many feet and hands!

Broken Equals Trash

Cleaning Solutions For Your HomeDespite best intentions, if it's broken it likely won't get fixed. Short of a car, major appliances or jewelry, bah-bye! If it's torn, permanently stained, missing a part, it's gone. This is a great guideline to inspire children. Once they learn it won't be replaced they are more likely to respect and clean up their own toys.

Sell It or Donate It NOW

We all have stuff we keep that's valuable. We don't like it. We don't use it, but we store it... at an average of $345 a square foot in Boulder County! Even if you pay a service to sell it, you're probably saving money and space while alleviating stuff constipation. If it's not worth selling, donate it. Let someone else pay to store it.

Expired Items

Suntan lotion loses effectiveness, make up breeds bacteria, and expired medication, condiments and frozen food can be down right dangerous. Throw it away. You could save yourself thousands in medical bills.

Take It Out, Put It Back

Now that things have a clear, uncluttered place to be put away, put it away! It's easy to find one minute to return an item to it's home, but it's hard to find a day to put everything away. A convenient location ensures success. Consider a shoe storage system at your front door. Closet systems make great stand alone shoe storage.

Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Bring One In, Take One Out

This is the hardest and the best. Unless you're living with loads of extra space, it's a good rule. 3 new socks, 3 old socks go. Before kid's birthdays and Christmas talk up all the new toys coming while cleaning out old toys. They can sell them at consignment stores and use the money for a favorite camp or tickets to the zoo.

Trade Parties with Friends

This is so fun. SO FUN, or is that the wine? Pick a theme: kitchen supplies, clothing, kids clothing, nail polish, sports equipment, get creative! It's a swap. Shop your friends' stuff and get rid of your own. If it's something you couldn't get a decent price on anyway, you may find yourself trading into something you really need. Better yet, leave with nothing and have nothing to put away.

The Hotel Clean

Company is coming and the house is a disaster. Pull out the "hotel" clean. Keep cleaning wipes in the kitchen and bathroom. It takes two seconds to sanitize and dust. Hang a reusable grocery bag on the door knob of children's rooms. Drop items left out there. If it gets full, they might need to do a chore to earn it back!

Cleaning Problem Areas in Your Home

If you’re big on having a house that sparkles, you will love these cleaning tips. Designed to help even the dingiest of corners gleam, these tips are great to use especially when you are spring cleaning, getting ready to put your home on the market, or moving into a new one.

Eliminate Limescale and Rust With Oven Cleaner

Cleaning Solutions For Your HomeTransform a rusty and limescale built-up bathroom tube and shower by using oven cleaner.Make sure you open a window and turn on a fan to help ventilate the room while using these kinds of products.Let it sit for several hours and then wipe it off with a rag of some sort.If you have to scrub make sure you use a non abrasive sponge to prevent scratching.It’s important to rinse the tub thoroughly with hot water after.

Clean Windows on Both Sides

When your windows are dirty, dusty and rusty they actually reduce the amount of the light coming to your home and make everything seem dull.Cleaning your windows on the inside and out will make them shine and add lots of light to your home.If the outside is particularly dirty consider power washing them.To achieve a streak-free finish, dry the windows off with a chamois and dust inside ledges.To clean your window screens use an aluminum car wheel cleaner to remove rust and buildup. Be sure to wear gloves when you do this and try not to get it on your lawn to prevent it from getting damaged.

Deep Clean The Floors in Your House

Cleaning your floors goes a long way to make your home look brand new.Chemical cleaning your carpets will yield the best results for those that have extensive damage.This method uses the power of carbonation and cleaning solution to really get into your carpets to neutralize odors and stains. Thoroughly cleaning and then polishing your floor will put back all the shine and luster they lost over the years.In addition it also helps to reduce the appearance scratches and stains.For large surfaces consider using a buffer or floor polisher for more universal results.

Thoroughly Clean the Fridge

Disinfect and remove stubborn odors from your refrigerator by detailing it and adding a fresh box of baking soda.Removing each panel, drawer and shelf and washing it with a light bleach solution will not only remove bacteria but it will also make white surfaces whiter. Clean the inside with a bleach solution as well and wipe it with hot water.Using a toothpick to get into crevasses is also a really good way to get into tight corners. Don’t forget the freezer too.Lastly, clean the coils in the back of the fridge and the vents on the bottom to finish the job.

Recruit Help With Your Cleaning Process

There are so many ways to get help. Trade a friend for a day of help cleaning out closets. In return let them keep any clothes they want. Hire help to clean your Boulder home. There are many affordable cleaning services and college students who would love a few dollars for helping out. By setting a time and financial commitment you're sure to use your time wisely and make a big dent!


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Just had to say, I tried the oven cleaner thing on my shower and holy cow! Why hadn't I heard of this sooner? You have to try it too.

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It had never occurred to me to use oven cleaner on the shower tub and fittings but it really did work and did not cause any damage. Thank you for this tip!

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