Colorado experiences positive population growth in 2008

Posted by Greg Smith on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at 8:37am.

4. Colorado

2008 Population: 4,939,456

2007 Population: 4,842,770

Year-over-year Increase: 2%

Colorado was ranked fourth based of recent Census Data for population growth in 2008.  With Colorado's strong diversification in employment it has been able to support stronger growth than some other areas through out the country.  In the Boulder area we will continue to watch how the Boulder County continues to grow in five key areas of first Health including Amgen, Covedien; Second Technology including IBM, SUN, Level 3, Google, Microsoft, Ball; Third Renewable Energies including Conoco Phillips, Siemens; Fourth Natural Foods; and fifth our strongest growth area entrepreneurs. 

With the fall in permits applications and as result the strong fall in construction related jobs in Colorado how the other segments perform will be key to the continued growth in the Boulder County area.

Greg Smith

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