Colorado Rocky Mountain Living

Posted by on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 12:34pm.

Colorado Mountain HomeSome of Colorado’s more luxurious communities are those famous for skiing and snowboarding like Vail, Aspen and Breckenridge.  These communities offer a variety of housing options including condos, townhomes, single family homes, luxury mansions, cabins and cottages.  Home prices and rental prices tend to be very high in places like this but most would agree that the benefit of owning a home in these communities outweigh the increased costs of living.  Most residents of resort communities such as these are usually seasonal, with only a small handful living there year round.  Within each one of the above mentioned, you will find an assortment of retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, doctors and fantastic schools.  Moving to Vail, Aspen or Breckenridge is for most like a Colorado dream come true, with breathtaking views as far as the eye can see and luxury living all around you.

Colorado Mountain CabinSmaller and less well known mountain communities that also offer a great life style for residents include places like Silverthorne, Nederland, and Buena Vista. Each one of these towns has its own distinct feel and provides different living options.  Your choice of home will be more limited in these areas with most listings offering cabins, single family homes, and luxury properties.  There are a couple of apartment and condos complexes in addition but these tend to be mostly rental properties. The great thing about small mountain town living is that they usually have a strong sense of community pride and are a place where everyone knows each other.  Resources in these communities will be less readily available and spread out over greater distances.

No matter where you are thinking about living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, there are a few special concerns that affect every homeowner. Wildlife and winterizing are two of the biggest ones.  Even in places like Vail bears and mountain loins are common and can present danger if you are not prepared.  Additionally, winterizing your home will protect it from the elements but it will also protect your family if you are a year round resident.  Making sure you have back up energy, heating, food and water sources require planning ahead and will make life a lot more comfortable if there are roads closures.

Mountain living in Colorado is as diverse as city living in Denver or Colorado Springs.  Although it is true that resources are definitely more scares in these kinds of areas, there are tons of Colorado mountain communities that offer every amenity and city service imaginable.  To learn more about homes for sale in the Colorado Rocky Mountains try our city search feature.

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