Colorado - Running for a Bolder Cause!

Posted by on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at 4:05pm.

One of our new young agents, Katie Brooks, will be participating in the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon coming up this October which supports a great cause. For Katie, this event will be a test of her endurance as much as a celebration of her successes! Recently our team has been talking about celebrating everything that is awesome and unique about the Colorado way of life, which is why I would like to share Katie’s story with you.

The fact that we live in one of the coolest states in the county is a wonderful thing to be proud of, and to take advantage of. When Katie approached me with the idea for this blog, she shared her thoughts about her experience running a marathon and why she is doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll race. Katie said, “marathons are feat of endurance; my first marathon was really hard and afterward I wasn't sure I would do another one with all the time spent, training, early mornings, GU packets, etc. But then she heard about Team In Training and thought, "with them behind me I know I can do it again." Team In Training offers great support, training, encouragement, teamwork, but most importantly they are there to raise money for blood cancer research and the support of patients. Katie felt like the opportunity to take part in a sport she loves, one that challenges her to accomplish more than she thought she could and benefits a great cause; was something that she could not say no to.

I think Katie's experience is a great example of what the Colorado lifestyle is all about. It is so true that the more people you meet in Colorado, the more you find who are running for a cause, whether it's their own health, the love of the sport, or a charity. The great thing about it is that this physical way of giving back to the community speaks to such a wide spectrum of people, from professional athletes to families of five and usually everyone can participate in some way. Each year, or really probably every few weeks during warmer months, you can find some group of people running. When I first moved here I thought, “where are they all going?” Now I understand that it doesn’t matter if it's the Mother’s Day Title 9k, BolderBoulder10K, Susan G Komen Race for Cure, AREA 13.1 Half Marathon Denver, or the Denver Rock 'n' Roll, running is just a natural part of the Colorado lifestyle!

To support Katie in her effort to help raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research, visit her at

Denver Rock n' Roll Marathon will held on October 20, 2013. For more information go to

Here are some marathon training tips we hope you will find useful!

How to Train for Success!

1. Hire a coach or join a training group like Team In Training for additional support and encouragement!
2. Find your own personal joy in running, whether it is a quiet time to reflect on your day, imagining every pound you need to shed coming off, or spending time with a group of people who enjoy the same things you do!
3. Make a plan for the marathon and train to accomplish the goals you set.
4. Train everyday, but don’t over do it! Remember some training is mental!
5. Always wear a water supply!
6. Fuel your body properly during training and days before the race.
7. Remember the importance of stretching and strength training.
8. Listen to your body and know the signs of a problem.
9. Have your people come and support you the day of the race.
10. It's okay to be competitive, even if you are just running for yourself.

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