Coming Home to Colorado With a Little Taste of Maine

Posted by on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 8:06pm.

Marshall Point LighthouseAhhhh, there’s nothing better than coming home to Colorado!  After a long trip to Thomaston, Maine for the holidays, I finally made it home earlier today.  It only took two cars, one hotel, two airplanes, one shuttle, and a train to get me here but it was well worth it.  If you’re like me, the minute you see those beautiful Rocky Mountains outside of the plane's window at DIA, you are instantly reminded of how much the wonderful state of Colorado means to you.  Especially when its dusted with snow and sunny like it was today!

Of course now that I am home, I find myself reminiscing about the trip.  I have been going to Maine ever since I was a kid and I just love it there.  In fact, Maine feels like my home away from Colorado.  My folks live in Thomaston in a home that was built in 1859 and that sits on land which was once part of the Henry Knox estate. To me one of the best things about visiting Thomaston, besides the lobsters and the lighthouses, is driving around and looking at all the amazing homes that make up this historic town.  The real estate here is unlike anything you can purchase in Colorado and absolutely beautiful. 

Thomaston Maine Thomaston Maine

Thomaston Maine Thomaston Maine 

Thomaston Maine Thomaston Maine

Thomaston was once a prosperous seaport known for ship building and the manufacturing of lime.  It is now a popular summer tourist destination recognized for its antique architecture, artistic scene and spectacular shorelines.  Most of the historic homes that are like my parents, were built in the 1850's in the Greek Revival style by James Overlock.  There is also some Federal and Italianate architecture in the community as well.  Most of Thomaston's historic homes are painted white, very large and feature ornate details.  I took several pictures of homes in the historic district and hope you think they are as beautiful as I do.  I have also included a wicked good family recipe for the best Lobster Bisque you will ever have courtesy of my grandmother, Claire Hunt's, “Seawitch” cookbook.


Lobster Bisque:
2 hours ahead start by preparing homemade chicken stock
Sautee whole chicken parts in 3 T vegetable oil
Add: 1 Chopped Onion, 2-3 sticks chopped celery, and 1 t. salt
Cover with water and bring to boil
Skim off yuck, add cold water to cover, let boil (repeat this 3 times)
Add 1 cup dry white wine
Simmer 1 hour
Add: 2 large sliced carrots, ¾ uncooked rice, 2 bay leaves, and ¼ t. cayenne
Cook until rice and carrots are tender about 30 minutes
Meanwhile sautéed lobster and shrimp in shells in ¼ c. butter
Remove shells and discard
Continue sautéing about 1.5 lbs of meat in same pan  
Remove chicken and bay leaves but save for another delicious meal!
Add 1 large can of tomatoes with juice
Simmer 10 minutes
Have another pot ready and puree soup in blender 1.5 cups at a time
Serve immediately or gently reheat later
Top with crème fraîche, a splash of Johnnie Walker Red, and serve with a crostini

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