4 Reasons To Use a Drone When Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home? Try Using a DroneFor sale listings for homes have evolved a lot since taking out an ad in the local paper or just plopping a "for sale" sign in the front yard and calling it a day. Now, many buyers expect photo galleries full of pictures of every room in the home from every angle imaginable and video walkthroughs so they can feel like they’re in the home without actually being in the home. But a new method of capturing footage of a home is becoming more popular recently: drone technology. Here is what sellers should know about drones and why they should consider using them while marketing their Niwot home for sale.

Drones Are Affordable

It’s easy to assume that because drones are still a very new technology, hiring someone to film something like a property fly-over would be expensive and only for homeowners who have plenty of disposable income. However, this isn’t true. The price of one drone session will vary depending on factors such as how many shots are required, but the price range can be anywhere from $200-$600. Someone who just wants a few shots can expect to pay on the lower end of the spectrum.

Drones Can Capture More Angles Than Normal Photography

When taking a photo by hand, there aren’t very many angles a homeowner can use to capture their home. But when using a drone, there’s a brand new world of possibilities. Homeowners can now do a walk-around of the property and show a fluid video of their home from all sides to make online viewers feel like they’re actually there. Drones can also do things like show off a new roof or the siding on the second story much better than a person can from ground level.

Drones Can Capture Large Properties

One advantage that drones have above any other time of photography or videography is how well they can capture large properties. Homeowners who own several acres of land can hire a drone to fly over it and capture all parts of it to show them off properly. A photo of a pond on the property can get across to buyers that there is a pond on the property, but a video taken by a drone flying over the pond can do much better at showing the size and scope of it. This extends to everything that may exist on a large property and also shows where things are in relationship to each other.

Drones Provide a "Wow Factor” On Listings

A well-edited video taken by a drone can create a lot of excitement for buyers viewing the listing online. Not many people use drones for home listings, so seeing one on a real estate website in and of itself is something new and exciting that buyers aren’t expecting, so from the very beginning, that can help make a good first impression. Whether it’s a showcasing of a large property or a video walkthrough of the entire home to let buyers feel like they’re already there, just the inclusion of something created by a drone can make buyers say, “Wow!”

Drone technology may still be new, but it’s definitely found a home in real estate. Using a drone to showcase a home and its property can really help set it apart from the competition, so sellers would be remiss to skip out on drone photography and videography, especially in a competitive market.

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