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Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 4:15pm.

Mountain bikers everywhere will delight in the terrific mountain roads in Superior, Colorado. The annual Morgul Classic bike race draws countless men and women, and the area has recently constructed a BMX bike park. Homes here are likely to be more reasonably priced than nearby Boulder, though individuals living here have access to the exact same high performing school district for the youngsters. Several of the affluent and well-educated people who reside here often work in the tech sector in Denver for employers like Oracle.

Superior is a statutory area which is situated in the counties of Jefferson and Boulder, and has a populace of over ten thousand men and women. Historically, it was a coal mining community and the first coal mines developed in the location go back to the late 1800s. Coal was first located in 1894 on the Hake farm and the memories of a lot of of the original families are retained as part of the Maria Rogers Oral History Program at the Carnegie Library for Local History in Boulder, CO. The town itself was founded in 1896 and incorporated in the year 1904.

The name claims to have originated due to the superior quality of coal which was found in this location. Mining was the major activity in Superior prior to the closing of the Industrial Mine in 1945. Soon after the cessation of mining, many people migrated out and the town was changed into a small and beautiful farming and ranching community. It just had a small population till just lately.

Superior is located at an altitude of just below 5500 feet and has a populace density of around 2200 per square mile. According to the American Census Bureau, the town has a complete area of four square miles, all of which can be found on land. It has two public schools operated by the Boulder Valley School District, Superior Elementary and Eldorado K-8. The general public is mainly white with a scattering of additional races, such as Hispanic and Asian. The median income for a household was just over $82,000 yearly and approximately $92,000 annually for a family. Males had the median earnings of around $66,000 while ladies had close to $37,000. The per capita income was approximately $36,000 and approximately 3% of the occupants live underneath the poverty line. The size of the average household was 2.67 bedrooms whilst the size of the average family was 3.20.

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