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Posted by Greg Smith on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 7:25am.

Golden Colorado Homes and Real Estate

When we look at the Altos Research stats for market activity in Golden, CO we are seeing a strong uptick in activity starting in January.  It is not quite at the level of Louisville, CO which we looked at two weeks ago but is definitely moving towards a balanced market.  Usually a Market Activity number between 20 and 30 indicates a balanced market.  We do need to keep in mind we are looking at Solds and as a result it is somewhat like driving your car looking in the review mirror.  When we look at under contracts the positive growth of the curve looks like it will continue.

Inventory in the Golden area has been on a steady decline since July 1 of last year.  Much of this can be attributed to seasonality, but we are also not seeing the inventory rebound we have experienced in the past few years.  I can attest inventory is tight.  The last couple weekends I have been helping some clients look in the Golden area including the west side of Arvada and the pickins are slim.  As a result we will most likely see the Market Activety numbers move into the 20's next month.

Based on the tightening market the team at we found that we have to move beyond just looking in the MLS to find inventory for our clients.  We have moved to a market where in many cases you need to find the areas your clients like and then mail, call and network to find homes because in many cases they are not yet on the market.

In summary the Golden market is looking to be stable and looks to be poised to have moderate growth and stability moving forward through this summer.


Greg Smith

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