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Over this past weekend, I attended the 2013 Grass Roots Ultimate Frisbee Fall Tournament at the wonderful Broomfield Commons.  Put on to this event by one of our agents, I had a great time watching people of all ages play the game of Ultimate Frisbee!  Being my first time experiencing the game of Ultimate Frisbee, I was totally blown away by the amount of participants, their athleticism, and the spirit of the ultimate community.


Grass Roots Ultimate is a non-profit, totally volunteer-operated organization that started 1991 and is dedicated to "creating opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to play, enjoy, and benefit from the sport of Ultimate [Frisbee]". Since then, Grass Roots Ultimate has come a long way from the league's introduction of only 100 members to now encompassing over 1000 participants each year. Grass Roots Ultimate is also proud to host the longest-running Ultimate Frisbee benefit tournament in the country.

GRU offers its players a great community with a mix of active minded people who all want to play a sport they love, while helping someone in need as the same time. The atmosphere at a GRU tournament or practice is both jolly and competitive.  The name of the game is friendly competition, but believe me the competition is tough! The range of players and team diversity also helps to ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so in an environment conducive with good sportsmanship.

The tournaments that GRU hosts have helped a wide variety of people living all over the world. Back in 92' when the first tournament took place, it benefited Latin American Medical Assistance and helped support an indigenous community and a disabled veteran’s group inEl Salvador. In 93' the proceeds from the tournament were donated to a prosthetic workshop for disabled veterans and a medicine pharmacy. In 2011, GRU awarded its first Spirit Scholarship to support one of their participating youths who would be attending a four year college or university the following year. This kind of combination of sports enthusiasm, good will, and great causes, has helped change many people's lives including program organizers, players, and benefactors. If you are a fan of Ultimate Frisbee and are looking for a fun way to give back to the world, please check out Grass Roots Ultimate here!

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