Happy Holidays from Lorrie Trussell 2018

Posted by Greg Smith on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 10:49am.

Happy Holidays! 

This letter comes too fast each year. I am struggling to remember what exactly happened this year as it is a blur. John and I were very fortunate to have traveled to different locations. In February we took a trip to Kauai and invited our son, Tommy, and his girlfriend, Cara. The second day I split my thumb open and had to get stitches; you could say it dampened my experience for the week. I was ale to enjoy watching the three of them do their outdoor activities. In May, John earned a trip to Bermuda and we both loved it. What I loved most about being a visitor is that you are not able to rent a car, only scooter rentals. For those of you who know me, you know that I ride a scooter around Boulder during the warmer months. Tommy invited me to a private concert, 30 seconds to Mars (Jared Leto's Band). I love Jared Leto and his voice was amazing.

As I write this we leave to Panama for a week. John is turning 50 and we thought Panama would be a great adventure. It has three hobbies that we love... golf, gambling and beaches. I am sure the experience will be all that we anticipate it to be. 

John is still loving PURE Storage. It offers him a great opportunity and he enjoys the technology that he sells. My business has thrived during the year, but sad to say that many of my transactions were to past clients who sold their home to move away. I was also able to sell a piece of Colorado History. A home in Floral Park, the first subdivision in Boulder. Built in 1940 by eight CU professors. It was a pleasure representing the sellers in the home they grew up in.

My Three Sons: 

Chris and his wife, Jenna, haven't had any children. I'm not sure if they are in the near future. They work hard at their company and unfortunately do not come to visit mom in Colorado. Although I was able to spend some time with them in July. We hung out, cooked dinners, and played games. This is how I love spending my time with them.

Tommy and Cara have had their challenges this year Tommy is still struggling to graduate from hard school. His body gives him a lot of problems, pain specifically. Overcoming the pain is sometimes too overwhelming for him. Cara's career is thriving, she is opening a new apartment complex in China Town and it is suppose to be beyond-large and modern. They are not too excited about moving from Glendale to China Town due to the fact that their current apartment walk-ability is beyond amazing.

Tyler is still attending Santa Monica Community College and is managing a sober living house. He is doing very well in life and is just trying to find where he belongs. He adopted a cat named Roxy. It is fun to watch him be a parent to the cat. I believe it grounds him and it appears that he loves coming home to a friendly face each day. 

Matilda (14 yrs) and Birdie (13 yrs) still act like puppies. I don't know what I will do when they start to age. We are fortunate they are so spry being geriatric. 

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